Olympic Hot Tub Company has introduced a new water care product that promises to save time on spa maintenance, simplify the process of keeping water clean and clear at all times, and soften skin besides. SilkBalance® for Spas is a perfect product for stressed out, multi-tasking women everywhere for whom “Calgon, take me away” is a common refrain. I had some fun creating a press release that highlighted how this new product introduction eases the pain of multi-tasking women everywhere. Here are the first few paragraphs of the press release:

Women around the nation and the world who have hesitated about soaking in hot tubs for fear of drying their skin or dealing with cumbersome water care maintenance now have reason to say “yes” to long, leisurely soaks. SilkBalance® for Spas is a new hot tub water care product using patent pending technology that takes only five minutes a week to apply. It keeps the water clean and fresh while balancing it in perfect harmony and leaves skin feeling silky soft after soaking.

Alice Cunningham, co-owner of Olympic Hot Tub Company, is known for making it easy for customers to take it easy in their own backyards. The exclusive introduction of SilkBalance® at her five hot tub retail showrooms and the service center this month takes hot tub ease, enjoyment, and self care to a new level and with great efficiency.

“SilkBalance® for the hot tub today is a lot like Palmolive dishwashing liquid was for Madge the Manicurist in the 50’s. Just like Palmolive softened hands while doing the dishes, SilkBalance® softens skin and keeps the water balance in perfect harmony,” Cunningham said. “Now, spa owners can say ‘goodbye’ to 6-7 water care products and ‘hello’ to a single all-in-one product that makes it easy to keep their spas running clean and fresh, day in and day out, while softening their skin at the same time,” she added…Cunningham explained that transitioning to SilkBalance® requires the one-time use of Spa Purge to rid the spa plumbing of old residual water care products and to make way for a crystal clear and easy water maintenance experience going forward. Customers can purchase both SilkBalance® and Spa Purge with ease by ordering from the company’s e-store.

I issued the press release to the retail and lifestyle reporters in the Puget Sound region. I also issued the release to the internet by using a couple of the free press release services such as www.theopenpress.com.  Now, word is spreading. When you “Google” SilkBalance water care, the press release comes up first in the search. No doubt, the e-Store at Olympic Hot Tub Company will soon be buzzing with new orders for this revolutionary new water care product that will save time, keep water clean and clear, and soften skin — all at the same time.

All this is to say that when you make clear how your product eases pain, you stand a far better chance of enlisting interest and earning media and sales results. And don’t forget to have a little fun with your approach.