Pam PerryPR Coach Pam Perry is making it easy for you to access the audio recording from last night’s “Kick Your Boring Bio to the Curb” teleseminar.  Over 200 people registered for the “LIVE” call, and 123 people showed up to enjoy it.

People are saying good things about this content.  Here are a few comments that flowed to  Facebook immediately:

“Pam Perry the fabulous PR coach always presents outstanding individuals to provide service and information that can take you tot he next level. I missed the beginning of the teleseminar of the bio makeover Nancy, but what I did hear was exciting,motivating and informative. I liked your passion, energy and your out of the box thinking.”
– Linda Fegins
‘I cosign that Linda. Nancy Juetten and Pam Perry are both essential image contacts to maintain. I love Pam’s humbleness to share her knowledge and sources and I adored Nancy’s Four S’s for bio success and Sure-fire Bio for new business acronym ABC..DIY – Thanks Nancy… I look forward to sharing my success using your strategies.”
– Turqueya Vincent

‘Excellent interview with great ideas!”

–  Bernice Dickey

“Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge today!  You are so gracious and clearly worthy of all your success.  I am definitely going to purchase your products to increase my visibility.  Your generosity today empowers me to fulfill my passion:   help millions of women stay motivated, prosper, and succeed.   Again, I say thank you.”

– Angela Tezeno

Just visit this link , which is Pam Perry’s Fan Page on Facebook, enjoy the file, which is called  “Brand Like a Superstar with Your Bio.”  And share this link with others who can benefit!

Extreme Bio MakeoverAnd, speaking of Fan pages on Facebook, visit mine at Extreme Bio Makeover Salon! This is the place for solopreneurs the world over to chat about how to prepare their stories so the right people will listen.   If you want to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED for your expert status, get your inspiration and tips here and join the conversation!

I thank my good friend, colleague, and co-collaborator Michelle Price for again kicking me in the behind to get into action in a new way.   Michelle is the reason I started this blog in 2007  in the first place.  She said, “If you are happy having one hand of your success tied behind your back without a blog, I am happy for you.  But if you are ready to do something about it, I am here to help.”

We all need truth tellers in our lives and people we can count on to do things for us when we don’t have the specific skill set to get the mission accomplished. Michelle is a treasured truth teller.

During a chat earlier this week, Michelle and I talked about this need for connection that so many of us have.  The word “salon” came up, and it just seemed to be a perfect fit for what I want to have brewing with the concept behind the Extreme Bio Makeover service.

I am helping people to transform their bland, boring, and boilerplate bios into magnetic, compelling, and memorable stories that attract money, clients, and media attention.   People come to me in need of a bio makeover, and they leave feeling better, walking taller, and in good position to welcome the opportunities they seek.

At the new Fan page, I want people to come together, chat, and leave feeling better than when they arrived.  Here we will  find ways to celebrate how people are telling their stories so the right people listen.  Consider this your invitation to join the conversation!  Here is the link to visit and “like” new new page that is just one more way I’ll be supporting and celebrating your success.

And, of course, visit Pam’s fan page to access the hot audio recording.  Feel free to share it with others so we can banish boring, bland, boilerplate bios forever and share the right messages that resonate with our ideal clients so we can all do more of what we love!