Now that Oprah has a new reality show coming to national TV called Oprah's Big Give, there are new ways to earn attention for your winning ways. Those who participated in this morning's teleconference with PR Secrets CEO Susan Harrow got an earful of great tips to earn attention for this new show, O Magazine, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. If you missed the call and want to enjoy the audio after the fact, I'll post it to my DIY Publicity Store within a few weeks.

Susan extended a special offer to everyone on the call that I want to pass along to you. When you make the wise choice to acquire the Oprah Training Kit($147) and/or Get Into O Magazine ($197) you will receive the Sound Bite System for Success (a $99 value) as a gift. You have to mention my name — Nancy Juetten — in the comments line in order to receive this free gift. Here is the link.

Whether you feel like you're totally or not quite ready to get on Oprah, or national TV either way is OK. Begin preparation now. Sound bites are essential to your success. And understanding how they are constructed and how to apply them naturally under pressure when you appear on TV will help you promote yourself with comfort and ease.  Make your purchase before midnight EST February 12, 2008 to benefit from this special offer.

Remember, whether you are swinging for the national media or intending to earn “ink and air” in your own backyard, you are well served to follow the tips and suggestions Susan advances in her materials in your LOCAL publicity efforts. If starting at home is your priority, visit this link for tools to help you get the job done.

In the meantime, here is a link so you can learn more about Oprah's Big Give and how you and your intentions to make the world a better place can potentially earn Oprah's attention along with the attention of her audience.