prreachlogoYou know, the more deeply I dive into my business…And as it continues to grow and evolve…The more grateful I am to live in such an amazing time. Because whether you're a small business or a huge firm, the opportunities for success are truly endless…Technology has helped to level the playing field…And here's just one new example of how.

prReach is a powerful service created by Rob Burns.  If you've never heard of Rob, he's one of those “mad scientist” types who like to create intricate systems that boggle the mind (and produce results).  He's spent the last five years putting his genius towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and crushing the front page for himself and his customers. 

And I have put the service to the test to welcome solid results for my own business and for my clients.  In fact, the press release I created and sent on behalf of Alex Mandossian last month is one that comes up #4 in a Google Search for his name.  The placement report from prReach reveals that the release was picked up by 370 media AlexWelcomeoutlets, bringing his news to a great many potential fans, followers, and potential clients.

To give you a quick overview, prREACH takes PR to a whole new level. Press releases, done right, can get you in front of millions of people, covered in the media, and highly visible in the search engine results. Rob has created the first ever service that adds VIDEO into the mix. Instead of just an old-fashioned written press release, every release is complimented by a professional news anchor, reading YOUR news, live in studio. This helps build massive social proof, among other things. 

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prREACH is one of those game changing tools. The type of service that can really replace most (if not all) of your other marketing efforts, and give you the ease and simplicity you may be looking for inside your marketing.  The system Rob's built combines the power of video marketing, social network marketing, and press release marketing all into one. It is super easy to use, too. And on top of delivering the most bang for your buck, he's about a quarter the cost of his top competitors.  Bottom line, Rob's really outdone himself with this one. You'll have to see it to understand.

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Why is it urgent to pay attention to this blog post now?  Because the pricing goes up at midnight, August 7, 2014.   If you want to benefit from the visibility, credibility, and video WOW that this service delivers for a song, now is the time to act.  

As for me, I write a lot of press releases in my business — for my joint venture partners, my clients, and to create buzz for my own business.  I am a big believer in their value because I have worked as a publicist for many years and used publicity to build my brand and reputation long before I even knew what a joint venture was.

I signed up to send 4 releases a month at the amazingly low rate of $197 a month.   That is a no-brainer level of investment for the impact.  If ever there was an EASY YES decision for me, this is it.  So, take a look and see if this is something that strikes a chord with you.  And say YES to benefit from the best pricing.  Prices go up at midnight, August 7, 2014.