risenshine jpegOn Tuesday of this week, I sent out my ezine to let all my subscribers know that I’ve got a special sale going on.   There was a technical glitch with the link, so no one has been able to benefit … yet.  The good news is that the problem is now officially solved.  Hurray.

Here’s the deal.  Starting now through December 10, I am donating 5% of profits from anything you buy from my DIY Publicity Store to Rise N Shine to benefit the summer camp program for kids and teens living with HIV and AIDS.  These kids deserve to have the best possible time at camp to make memories and feel fabulous this summer, and together we can make some magic happen between now and Dec. 10.

This is also the date of the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit at Seattle Design Center, for which just 15 seats are left.  Everyone who is coming is bringing a donation of camp incidentals — like bug spray, sun tan lotion, and flashlights — as their tax deductible admission ticket to contribute to Rise N Shine.  It’s going to be an amazing event.

If you wish to claim one of the 15 remaining seats as your own, here is the link to pre-register.

And, when you decide to treat yourself to the e-version of Bye-Bye Boring Bio between now and December 10, you get the Authentic VisibilityPublicity e-Tips Booklets that are packed with 147 powerful ways to boost your business with free publicity as a bonus gift.  With these popular items at the ready, you’ll be set to both  prepare and share your story with impact and ease in the new year so you can get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for your expert status.

Here is the link to benefit from the e-sale for Bye-Bye Boring Bio.  Those 147 etips to boost business with free publicity are your bonus gift with purchase through December 10.   And I’ll donate 5% of profits from the sale of any product or service you buy at the DIY Publicity Store to Rise N Shine through December 10.   Shop to your heart’s content and feel fabulous about it.  Jump in so you can stand out and shine in more ways than one.