Publici-Tea™ at Sea, The High Performance 2010 Summer Cruise to Alaska

Mix Business with Pleasure –
A Once in a Lifetime Business Educational Experience

Publici-Tea™ at Sea

and So Much More!

If you’re a small business owner or self-employed professional there are two things you probably don’t get enough of.

  • The first is enough rest and relaxation
  • The second are more opportunities to work “on your business,” instead of “in your business.”

Well, what if you could take a well-deserved break from your business, get away from it all and enjoy some fun relaxation while you explored business ideas that will help you take a leap forward. That’s exactly what we’ve put together for you in the “High Performance Cruise.”
You’ll do all of this while cruising Alaska this summer!
When: August 8 – August 15, 2010.
Departing From Seattle, WA.
Yes, not only will this business cruise help transform your business, solve your clients’ challenges and dramatically increase your bottom line. It will also:

  • Recharge your batteries; relaxing on board the luxurious Sapphire Princess.
  • Rekindle your relationships; bring the family and enjoy a wonderful vacation cruising Alaska.
  • Build future relationships; network with over 200 other business professionals. Create contacts and form new ventures as you discuss your businesses.
  • Tax break; because you are working and playing at the same time your cruise is totally tax deductible.

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Publici-Tea™@Sea Anyone?