Betsy Talbot and WarrenCheck out the latest Publici-Tea™  graduate success story and testimonial from Married with Luggage Blogger Betsy Talbot.

“Good news, Nancy.  I pitched like you trained me and just landed my first national print placement in First for Women Magazine.  The story is about a recipe that brings me closer to my family because we live so far apart and how it will be even more important to remind us of each other after Warren and I leave on our year long journey around the world.  Thanks to your coaching at the Publici-Tea™ event and your Media Savvy To-Go Publicity Toolkit, I knew how to respond to a query from HARO in a timely manner with all the relevant material, including a good photo, to make the journalist's job as easy as possible. I pitched my story on October 6 and got the call in late January that the story was accepted and will run in the May edition of the magazine.  We just wrapped up the photo shoot and video this week, and you can see all the fun images at my site. I can hardly wait to see the magazine and see how the story impacts escalating traffic there, which is my ultimate goal.

Betsy Talbot

And a funny P.S. to the whole story – I got the interview request while visiting my mother in New Mexico, and she was making the chosen recipe for dinner that night.  How is that for coincidence!?

Thanks to HARO and thanks to you for making DIY publicity a possibility for people like me!

Betsy Talbot

Thank you Betsy for sharing your success story.   “First for Women” magazine has circulation of about 1.5 million readers, and that could bring a lot of new blog traffic your way.  Please, keep us posted how things unfold for you at Married with Luggage.

And, for those of you who want to learn these powerful DIY publicity lessons, why not set a place at the next Publici-Tea™ Workshop so you can benefit?  The next event date is March 13 from 12:30 – 5 p.m. at The Village Bellevue.   I would be delighted to welcome you there.