It’s always a treat to share some of the successes Publici-Tea™ graduates are enjoying as a results of the lessons they learn via this workshop.   Here is the latest from Debbie Rosemont, founder of It’s Simply Placed.

Debbie RosemontSimply Placed“I’ve earned some favorable publicity lately that I know you’ll appreciate. In August I was quoted in a Seattle Metropolitan Magazine article. In September I was invited to do a Biznik group “Personal Bloom” interview. In October, I received an invitation to be the speaker at eWomen in Bellevue.  I also parlayed a series of articles I wrote for the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter in 2008 into an eBook and eWorkbook and publicized that.  Zita Gustin, the executive managing director of eWomenNetwork,  got wind of it and asked me to speak on the topic.   In November I was quoted in a article as a result of responding to a HARO query. And in December I was a guest on a KKNW radio show and was featured in a Seattle Times article.

That featured stemmed from news spreading about a speaking engagement I did called Organize Your Career Search for Lesa Keller’s Job Seekers Network. Lesa had heard of me from some mutual networking contacts (oh, the value of networking!) and from prior speaking engagements. She invited me to speak to her group, which I did on December 7th. Randy Woods, the Times writer, got wind of that and heard good things, and called me to interview me for his blog, Hire Ground (posted on 12/12), and the Times piece (which ran on 12/20).   Wuhoo!

While there are tactics you teach in the Publici-Tea™ workshop that I used regularly before taking the class (public speaking, writing — I submit articles regularly and even achieved a goal this past year of writing a book!), social media activity, building a strong network, etc.), your workshop validated that my efforts were intentional, purposeful and would lead to great things. I’m hoping this trend continues. I know I’ll be doing the work it takes to make it happen.  For me, the goal of the publicity is to educate people about the work we do, earn recognition as an expert and authority in my field, and open doors of opportunity so that I can help more people get the results they want by increasing their organization and productivity.  Thanks for your interest in the story Nancy, for your support and encouragement.”

Thanks Debbie for sharing your story and your results.

It is examples like Debbie’s that validate that this journey I am on to empower others to earn their own publicity is worthwhile.    And this work is so timely and relevant.   In these daunting times, we are all living in what Best-Selling Author Dan Pink describes at “Free Agent Nation.”  BusinessWeek recently reported about the permanent temporary workforce and declares that no segment of the workforce has escaped the temp revolution that is likely to last for years.  Randy Woods, blogger for Hire Ground, says that the age of “the portfolio career” is here to stay for quite some time.

Here is what I know is true.  Those who take responsibility for their own storytelling and message sharing to the right audiences often accomplish remarkable things in the best and the worst of times, just as Debbie has.  These also are the people who will survive and thrive in Free Agent Nation.

If you want some of what Debbie Rosemont is having and need some guidance to show you the way, the Pubilci-Tea™ Workshop is NOW a digital experience you can access from anywhere in the world.  You can read more about it here. Please do.   And, when your successes start to roll in, tell me all about them.   I’ll be proud to post them to the blog to lend even more inspiration to those who haven’t yet gotten on the bandwagon.   When the timing is right, you’ll know it, and I’ll be ready to help.