Publici-Tea™ Graduate Earns Seattle PI Sports Story

Seattle PI Photo by Scott Eklund

What a treat to open yesterday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer sports page to find Craig Sigl, Publici-Tea™ graduate and founder of Breakthrough Hypnosis, photographed there and featured in Sports Writer  Jim Moore's column.  Sigl is a hynotherapist who helps athletes and others deal with their mental game.   You can read the full story at this link.  Craig said, “This story never would have happened if I hadn't worked with you!”  That is music to my ears.

Just about every month, I hold a Publici-Tea™ Workshop to empower business owners with useful, proven, and well practiced approaches to inviting reporter interest in their stories so their messages will carry far and wide.  When graduates earn front page coverage that is favorable, accurate, and compelling, it is thrilling for them and for me.  I know the tips and ideas I share are empowering others' success as stories like this continue to unfold.

Now, if Alex Rodriguez had investigated hypnosis before turning to performance enhancing drugs, perhaps he wouldn't be in the tough spot he now finds himself. But that is an entirely different story.

Sigl says in the Seattle PI article, “It's time for you to own your inner power, time for you to become the president of your own fan club.  You can create your own abundance.  You can solve issues outside of your own awareness.” Those are good messages for us all, now more than ever.

Craig paid $297 to attend the Publici-Tea™ Workshop, and he learned lessons that will empower his business success indefinitely.  Had he paid for equivalent space in the form of advertising, his investment would have been far more and the impact in terms of credibility and buzz likely wouldn't have been as great.

If you want to benefit from the workshop and live beyond the scope of the Puget Sound region, take heart.  You can enjoy the 3 1/2 hour Publici-Tea™ Audio File.   It's new, and folks tell me it's fabulous information from which they most definitely profit.  Click on the link to read more about it.  This purchase could be the best $88 you've invested in your business success in a while.

Publici-Tea™ Graduate Earns Seattle PI Sports Story