I love sharing stories about how Publici-Tea™ graduates use the lessons they learn from this popular workshop to earn media attention in their own backyards and beyond.  Today’s success story comes from Justin Tsang of Netstar Communications.

He writes, “Not too long ago I let you know that we got interviewed by ABCNews.com for expert advice on hidden telecom charges.  You can read the article here.  There is some bittersweet news. The article makes no mention of Netstar. The writer opted to include some of our insight but refer to us as ‘experts.’  Nonetheless, we still see the whole experience as a positive one.  It’s not everyday you get tapped by ABCNews.  Again, thank you for your help and support. Your tips and training helped me secure this great opportunity.”

— Justin Tsang, Netstar Inc.

For those of you who want to learn the lessons Justin has learned so well, here are two items that offer even more great news.

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