Karen Steckler It’s thrilling when Publici-Tea™ Workshop graduates report back about their various successes in the media and beyond.  Yesterday, Karen Steckler, founder of FusionWorks Alliance, shared that she helped her client earn a prominent story in the Puget Sound Business Journal by following the DIY publicity tips and strategies she learned from me.   Since she consults with clients to help them grow powerfully, she demonstrated unexpected value to her client by earning a prominent story in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Karen said, “World Key Services, a division of Brass Key Inc., has such a great story to tell that —  after attending Nancy’s workshop — I immediately saw an opportunity to use her techniques and contact Puget Sound Business Journal Reporter Steve Wilhelm.  Steve wrote a great article and said that he usually doesn’t get his sources in this way.  Nancy’s experience and knowledge definitely contain the right secret sauce.”

In other exciting news, Karen launched her company’s new website yesterday.   Karen shared her web copy with me at an early stage and rented my brain to refine the message.  (If you just read my other blog post for today, take note that I am a results-generating publicist and an award-winning copywriter.  You can learn about a few of those awards at my LinkedIn profile.)

In just two hours, the copy was transformed.  I invite you to visit the home page to find out how FusionWorks Alliance delivers for women business owners who are ready to grow in smart, collaborative, and fun ways.   If you like what you read, make plans now to attend one of the Open House events coming up in March in Bellevue, Seattle, and Edmonds, WA to learn more about how you and your business can benefit.