I just received a wonderful email from Publici-Tea™ graduate Betsy Talbot with more DIY publicity success to report.
“Hi, Nancy.  Big things are happening at Married with Luggage. Thanks to your excellent coaching, I have gotten national media attention in First Magazine, which has a readership of 4 million readers. The photo spread was gorgeous, and I loved getting calls from friends all over the country when it came out.  After that, I took another step from you (publicize your publicity) and called my hometown newspaper to tell them about the story.  They did a weekend feature. Last but not least, I've been asked to be a ‘charity auction item' for a large nonprofit in the Pacific NW this fall after being seen in the magazine.  I've been asked to donate my recipe as well as chat with the highest bidder. The featured recipe was for Mexican soup, and the nonprofit helps the Latino community with social issues.  As a woman on her way to South America, this is a win-win.  Think of all the great people I'll meet. The publicity from this 10-minute response to a query on HARO is going to last me … well, forever, it seems!  Thank you again for providing such a valuable service to people like me.  I know for sure this won't be my last success story for you.”

Betsy Talbot | www.marriedwithluggage.com | Twitter @marriedwluggage

Congratulations Betsy.  You did it all on your own, and I am thrilled for you.  And blog readers, check out the amazing photo spread in the active link above.  It's FANTASTIC.

DIY Publicity Tip: When your story earns national attention — thanks to your stellar pitching efforts with HARO or other resources like PR Leads or Gift List Media — immediately consider how many additional ways you can leverage that media attention to enjoy even greater awareness of your message.  Alert your hometown newspaper.  Be gracious in accepting emails and invitations from people who learn about you as a result of the media coverage.  Post the coverage to the online newsroom on your website or blog.  Create a new signature file for all your emails that invites readers to check out your latest media feature, award win, or other important news.  Every good media win should enjoy at least five additional applications.  It's your task to make the most of every media opportunity because no one cares more about your success than you.  If you are serious about sharing your story with millions of potential readers around the nation or all the people who live in your own backyard, treat yourself to the Publici-Tea™ Workshop on June 12 in Portland and June 24 in Tacoma. I'll show you the way. The next Publici-Tea™ graduate success story you read about here could be your own, if you just get into the game.