I am so proud to post this glowing testimonial from one of my Publici-Tea™ guests from June of this year.

Jude Grimm

“On June 13th or three months ago to be exact, I attended Nancy Juetten's Publici-Tea. I was immediately impressed with the environment she had set up for our round table learning session and was impressed with her grace as the room started to fill with people. I enjoyed seeing who showed up for a day of inspiration and learning and was impressed by the mix of people in every possible stage of their own personal development. There were self made millionaires and self starting visionaries with nothing more than their dreams.  All were on equal ground as we learned about each other and our individual challenges. Nancy presented her simple and amazing material and explanations in such an appetizing way. She never lost focus or momentum and I felt as though we were at a very important board meeting of our destinies. Not one person was left out or felt intimidated by what they did or did not know.
Nancy interjected a most brilliant woman, Betsy Talbot, as her blogging expert with unlimited ideas, patience and direct insight into the blogging pheonomenum. Nancy suggested to me at this event that I contact the Seattle P.I. about writing a blog for my trademark “Real Beauty.” I did just that and now I am blogging on line for the Seattle P.I. from Bellingham, Washington.
Since attending Public-Tea I have been taking Betsy Talbot's hour long, 8-week session of “Blogging University” and have found myself demystifying the blogging world and the opportunities to be gained from hosting one. I have just been interviewed on KVOS television as the “Real Beauty” expert and it looks as though I will be a monthly guest on KVOS “Experience North West” with Deb Slater.
My advice to you is simple: Take this opportunity to explore what you are needing help with. I guarantee Nancy Juetten is the kind of person both professionally and personally that will not disappoint you!
Jude Grimm
Real Beauty Reader Blogger – The Seattle Post Intelligencer
Would you like to be a reader blogger for the Seattle PI?  Why not inquire, make clear how your blog will serve the readers, and ask for what you want?  Here is a link to make it read more about this opportunity.
That is what I advised Jude to do, and she got what she wanted.   When she didn't receive a reply, I implored her to pick up the phone and call.  If you believe in how you can serve, there is no reason to be nervous when following up.   Chances are, the decision maker will be glad to hear from you because so many other pots on the stove have been spilling over, and he or she just didn't yet have time to connect with you.
What DIY publicity success are you seeking right now, and is there any way I can help?  Let me know.