Marcia BrixeyMoney TherapistMarcia Brixey, a Publici-Tea™ graduate and the author of
The Money Therapist: A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Healthy Financial Life , knows how to ask for what she wants.  She wanted a segment on the KCTS Public Television Show “About the Money.”  She asked for it, and now she has earned a monthly guest spot on the shot.  Her first appearance will be Tuesday, October 7, and she will appear the first Tuesday of every month after that through May 2009.

She also set the intention of earning a columnist position in a new eWomenNetwork publication called The Glow Project Magazine   She asked for what she wanted, did the proper phone follow up, and now she has that gig, too.

This is high value exposure to the right people who can benefit from Marcia’s expertise and consider making her book a part of their personal libraries.  The value of connecting with so many people with such high impact is priceless, and Marcia made these media placements happen on a do-it-yourself basis.

I asked Marcia for the nitty-gritty specifics about how she earned her spot on “About the Money,” and here is what she said.

“I approached them in April about being on the show to talk about my new book. Elaine Purchase (producer) replied they were off for the summer, but was interested in having me on the show in the fall. All I did was  follow-up. When she replied that she would be in contact with me the first week in September, I followed-up (by email) again. Elaine came up with the idea of a monthly slot and we worked out the logistics.  I am pretty sure she reviewed my interview on their show in April 2007 and visited my website to see my credentials. It’s all about connecting, relationship building and follow-up. My experience with the Glow Project Magazine was similar…”

Marcia’s success is based on her clarity about what she wants and her direct and consistent follow through to bring about the results she seeks.  It’s just that simple.

Have you gotten clear about the top media placements that would be the biggest “win” for you, your products, your services, and your cause?  Have you initiated contact to suggest how your contribution can add value for the readers, viewers, or listeners?  And, most importantly, are you following up to ask for what you want?  Follow Marcia’s lead, and you and your business will be very well served.

Marcia is one of 88 Publici-Tea™ graduates I’ve had the opportunity to mentor during my do-it-yourself publicity workshops that I hold in Bellevue, Tacoma, Portland, Mercer Island, and beyond.  She is successful because she applies the lessons she has learned and made magic happen through her deliberate actions.  I am seeking more success-seeking business owners who want to learn more about applying the power of DIY publicity to their buzz building advantage.   If you are such a person or know others who are, join me at the upcoming events on September 10 in Portland, September 12 in Bellevue, and the Grande Sized Publici-Tea with Special Guest Susan Harrow on October 17 on Mercer Island.  All the details can be found at this link.