I love it when Publici-Tea™ guests take time to share the success they have once they make the decision to get into action on their DIY publicity plans. Today I received an email from Debbie Whitlock, president of Sound Financial Partners, about her DIY publicity placements since attending her Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop in April of 2008.

Debbie Whitlock So after I took your Publici-Tea™ in April, I was inspired to ‘get it done.’ I left our class and went home that weekend, worked on a short and long bio – got my high resolution head shots and gathered some awards I had recently received and TADA I was ready to work on my do it yourself media campaign. Then Monday came and I had client meetings, and there were technical issues at the office and my good intentions were put on the back burner. Then you sent a gentle nudge ‘here’s a reporter looking to speak to someone like you.’ So, I took the plunge, crafted a brief yet interesting reply to the reporter’s inquiry, replied promptly to the request for an interview and TADA I was in print. Alright, that worked – so let’s see if I can find one on my own – through Help A Reporter I saw a journalist working on a piece I knew a lot about and felt I could add value to her story. Crafted the reply, was flexible to her schedule for the interview and TADA I was in print in an online trade publication. OK, this is really working – these two successes inspired me to go back to my Publici-Tea™ notebook and see what other ‘low hanging media fruit’ I might find. At the same time a colleague of mine who had also taken a Publici-Tea™ class called to tell me she was that week’s feature in the Seattle Times My First Job section. Wait a minute, I could do that. I read through a few, crafted my story and hit ‘send.' About two weeks later I received an email from the editor saying I would be featured within the next two weeks – if I could get a high resolution picture to her. I was able to get back to her immediately and TADA was featured within a week and have enjoyed great phone calls and emails from colleagues, clients and friends this past week.

I now have a monthly audio-ezine that launches this month, have given my first radio interview for Blogtalkradio and now host my own internet television program. I have been a little busy with my media since we first met, and I credit your ideas for giving me the sparks I needed to make it all happen. It really isn’t necessary to hit the Today Show or MSNBC or CNBC to get noticed. I am getting good ink in my own backyard and beyond (the last interview a colleague of mine in another state saw – and called and said ‘how’d you do that?' My reply, ‘It was easy.')

So Nancy thank you again, it REALLY is that easy. I haven’t created another full time job for myself – I spend a brief window of time twice a day looking for opportunities where I can be a resource – if I find one I carve out a few minutes and throw the pitch into the park. Because I took the time to be prepared, ‘when the reporter comes knocking’ I have enjoyed some very nice do it yourself publicity and anticipate I will continue to have more success with greater ease. Keep doing what you do.

Best regards,


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