This is your invitation to join my Secret Society of Awesomeness and be well supported and championed to succeed in your lucrative lifestyle business that brings profits without burnout.

You will raise your voice, make big impact, and make money, too. 

Anything less is simply not good enough. 

From the desk of Nancy Juetten

About Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten

You’re well on your way toward building a lucrative lifestyle business on your own terms that generates $250,000 or more each year with a simple, elegant business model that brings profits without burnout.

You’re already booking yourself on the right podcasts and booking your own virtual events to serve your own growing community of fans and followers.

That means that leads, collaborations, inbound client inquiries, and sales are coming your way. It’s going so well that you likely need to dial in your offerings and your model so it works even better than it does now.

It’s high time for to make some meaningful noise with your message and create impact in your business so your balance sheet reflects the big results you have been striving for, perhaps for too long.

So with that said, how do you create a result so vast that it forces you to become who you need to be?

I am waving the flag for the awesomeness that unfolds when we are well supported in our lives and businesses by remarkable colleagues on a similar journey who can support and champion our growing success.

I’d like to work together so none of us goes it alone and we all can be inspired to reach as high as possible in the circle of our amazing community.

I’d also inspire you to believe and behave as if the right opportunities are already on their way to you right now, all while you start today to create your own awesome visibility, credibility and authority as the go-to expert in your niche.

Starting right now, you have 3 new mantras.

  • My expertise is worthy of a much wider audience.
  • My business is worthy of sales beyond expectations.
  • I am are earning big time as I am learning.

And so it shall be for the rest of your life.

Instead of learning more before you earn, you are serious about taking bold actions and implementing what you know already to create impact, influence, and income that is worthy of all your hard work.

It’s time to serve with heart, smarts, and skill and get paid plenty with every new client engagement.

You don’t have to prove your value for a moment longer. Your reputation is rock solid. You don’t need another credential beside your name. You have fans and followers on social media. Your growing your opt in email list. Your platform is solid, and the sky is the limit for your upside now.

No more excuses.

No more will you allow fear to hold you back.

This is your time to shine. And you know in your heart, head, and gut that doing things in the same deliberate, timid way that you have isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

So HOW do you get it done?

When going it alone, piecing things together from what you can learn from a Google Search, enrolling in an entry level group program, or talking to mastermind partners who haven’t got track records of success that rival yours no longer works or makes sense, what then?

Welcome to the RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle

It’s an intimate community where smart, rapid implementers, ‘get it done’ rock stars, and imperfect action takers come to get the support, accountability and inspired and inspiring community to kick their lives and businesses to a whole new level of fabulous.

This isn’t about building a 7-figure empire. 

It’s about building a lucrative lifestyle business that has white space baked into the calendar so you can love your life and your work.

But before I briefly tell you about it, let me make one thing abundantly clear…

This is not a sales letter! If you need to be sold into it – this is not right for you.

If there’s one lesson I learned from 15 years of working with big corporate clients, luminaries, and aspiring luminaries on the rise, it is that you’ve got to want your results enough to make your goals your priority, no matter what life serves up or which program you join.

That’s why the highest interest I really have is ensuring that only the right people join this special group.

The value of the group comes from two places:

  1. The connections, referrals, recommendations,  and inside information that gets shared within the group.
  2. The constant kick in the pants to think bigger and to take everything beyond what you are currently doing.

It comes down to meeting and collaborating with some incredible people who will stretch your mindset as you reach for and welcome even more impact and income in your business.

The ideal RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT member will not rest until her/his message is heard. 

Hanging out with other smart, no nonsense entrepreneurs who feel the same way is important to banish scarcity thinking and aim higher as a steady habit.

This exclusive opportunity to work together in a very close community is limited to an intimate group of amazing speakers, experts, and authors who are committed to going the distance to succeed.

The ideal member of the RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle is someone who is ready to take serious action and be relentless in the pursuit of the influence, impact, and income he/she wants.

You are someone who wants to give and receive support in equal measure and show up consistently as a winner with high integrity as the best human being you can be.

You are an action-taking, results-making human being who takes responsibility for your results. You already have a four-figure offer or greater that is selling to your ideal clients. You recognize the value of investing in your success to accomplish more in less time. It’s time to speak up to reach audiences they have not yet met so they can scale up.

You are a:

  • Success-focused service professional intending for even more success,
  • Business book author who offers premium consulting services, or a
  • Speaker who offers premium consulting services or service packages .

Sales, marketing, and delivery of awesome results for your community and your clients are your top priority.

My best clients tell me that I help them to find their voices, strengthen their confidence, step into their best work, and make their own big difference.

They also appreciate my own habit of going the extra mile in service to their success.

With praise like that, it’s no wonder that the rewards I welcome in my life and work go a whole lot deeper than how I am paid.  Theirs do, too.

And they want to be part of an intimate community who share their belief that activities without revenue results are a major waste of time.

This is crucial. Because it helps us address the next issue…

Here’s the biggest problem we all need to combat…

We all get the same 24 hours in a day.

RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle Members are inspired to make the most of their time and life to make their business a top priority now. 

The RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle is a group of inspired experts, consultants, and service based business owners who want to create businesses that are simple, elegant, and profitable, and they are unafraid to shout that from the rafters to anyone who will listen. You want to build and grow a brilliant business that is true to your own vision of success.

That’s HOW the RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle is different!

When you’re a client in the RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle, you’re not a name on my client roster. You own a slice of my heart. Your commitment to your movement forward ignites my commitment to you. No matter what your challenge, issue, or goal, I’ve got your back. I’ll hold your vision and do whatever I can to support your success.

Business is personal to me. It’s not just a transaction or an exchange of ideas. It’s a relationship. It’s one that I treasure and take seriously.

Some of my best and most trusted friends in life and business are people I met just a few years ago when I invested in a program much like what I am bringing to you now. Those people are Jewels in the Crown in my network still today.

Let me be clear. I am not just seeking clients to benefit from the ‘features and benefits” of this powerful program. I am looking to link arms with amazing co-collaborators who can become Jewels in the Crown in my life.

The intent of the group is not to be about the latest way to launch a product or service, get sales, run a masterclass, or learn to collaborate with partners, although this information will be shared in abundance and more than satisfy your needs in these arenas.

The minute you step into the group, your version of ‘normal’ changes. You up-level. You’re “forced” to, because it’s normal for everyone else.

I don’t know if that’s good news for you. Some people are happy where they are. They don’t want to be stretched, because it scares them more than it excites them.

But if something inside you yearns for more, then I am inviting you to keep reading.

Logistics, investment and the next steps…

By now you should have a pretty good feel is this is for you or not. 

Here are a few more details:

  • We meet VIRTUALLY as a group every other Wednesday from 9 – 11 a.m.Pacific by Zoom video conference so we can deepen our personal connections as we rock our businesses.
  • The first call of the month is all about taking your place in the “Profit Seat” to ask for specific, terrific support to create big results in your business.
  • The second call of the month is to address top challenges you are facing.
  • I may invite YOU to serve as a VIP Guest Faculty Expert or go outside the group to curate world-class specialists who can speak to and fill in any gaps in your skillset so you can keep moving forward with confidence if challenges you ask are outside my own expertise. I want to set the tone that members will be inspired to do business among and between each other and also be inspired to refer trusted colleagues to do the same.
  • You can also participate in Broadcast Your Brilliance Boot Camp live office hours every other Tuesday from 9 – 11 a.m. Pacific  by Zoom video conference and go to the front of the line every time if you need extra support.
  • Of course, we will have our own members-only private Facebook group to deepen our connection and lend additional support among and between every member of the group. I’ll moderate and contribute Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • We’ll survey the members to make sure we cover the hottest topics that are giving them the biggest run for the money right now so our calls can be on purpose and of service every time.
  • True to form, I’ll find ways to go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations for value, service, and results.  I expect our fellow members to do the same for each other.

So what’s your wise investment for six months of expert support and success championship?


You may also elect a payment plan for six months at $1000 a month.

Since you already have a four-figure offer that is already selling to your ideal client, you can make the case that earning return on your wise investment will be swift.

Just imagine  how you can accelerate your success by being surrounded by others of like mind and motivation to succeed by being part of this exclusive collective.

What then can be possible for you?

At this point you have two options.

One, after reading this you opt yourself out. That’s fine.

Second, you want in. If that’s the case you need to email me at or phone me at 425 442 5690 as soon as possible.

We’ll arrange for a brief conversation to celebrate, coordinate payment and welcome you to the RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle.

I’d love to support you in this way. So, what do you say?

Wanna play?

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Nancy Juetten
425 442 5690 cell/text