Raves for the John Eggen teleseminar continue to flow in via Facebook.

“Thanks so much for this event Nancy. John has so much info I'm still reading all the fab downloads. I have my book on QuickBooks about 50% done and it never occured to me I should be talking about it now. I've changed up my bio and my introductions…and I can't wait for my 30 min call. Wow, the call for me was priceless.”

— Denise Marinacci

“Thank you Nancy Juetten for hosting the call with John Eggen.  Great, great tips on publishing your book.  Amazing — the power of  ‘author fo the forthcoming book.'  When I first saw the promotion for the call, it sounded a bit over the top, but when I listened everything John said made sense–or shall we say $$$$$$! Well worth my time investment.”

— Marlee Huber

So, with quality comments such as these, you can access the audio recording by following this link. A double opt-in process is required, and you will soon find that it is well worth it.

Enjoy and go forth as you write a client-attracting book fast that makes up to $150,000 in revenue BEFORE it is published. Plenty of people have done it.  Maybe you will be next!

And, of course, if you have additional raves or comments to share, both John Eggen and I are all ears.