Gadget Nation Temperatures are rising all over the nation, giving people everywhere good reason to head for the pool, the hot tub, or the beach to relax and enjoy. Steve Greenberg, the author of Gadget Nation, was so taken with the Aqua Reader from the e-store at Olympic Hot Tub Company that he elected to make it the first pool gadget he highlighted on this “Cool Pool Gadget” segment of Better.TV. And, he was good enough to include it in a special segment last week on CBS This Morning. And, the Aqua Reader was included in another video segment that aired in 20 markets across the USA. We are still waiting for the Gadget Nation rush of orders for Aqua Reader at the Olympic Hot Tub e-Store, though we are delighted with the media coverage that is helping to spread the good news. Now that you know about this amazing gadget that holds your book and your drink and keeps both dry while you soak, perhaps you'll be among the many to soon enjoy it in the comfort of your own backyard hot tub! Operators are standing by… By the way, I learned about Steve and his TV segments as a result of receiving a media query via a service I use called ProfNet. The media leads flow to my in box, and I reply with brief, compelling replies by the stated deadline. You can subscribe to this service or another very similar service called PR Leads. It's well worth the investment for the results you enjoy by responding in a timely way to stories in progress right now. Jump right in and give this service a try so your products, services, and expertise can reach much wider audiences with ease — and you can spend more time relaxing.