Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer Survivors

If something happened to your spouse or life partner tomorrow, would you have ACCESS, POWER, AND CONTROL to drive your personal financial life forward without missing a beat?

Do you know where the key to the safe deposit box lives?

Can you find the water, gas, and power shut off valves in your home and your vacation properties if you had to turn them off in an emergency?

Can you find the deed for your house that you paid off 5 years ago?

And have you ever had one of those ‘Holy Crap’ moments when you realize that the waste bill needs to be paid by one of you. But you can’t for the life of you remember which one of you it is.

These are potentially messy real life issues that need timely and urgent attention, especially in those moments when the moments matter the most.

Here’s the biggest ‘Holy Crap' moment of all.
It’s when you realize that you or your partner don’t have a clue what to do should something happen to the other.
The statistics are sobering.
There are 250,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer every year.
There are 3 million breast cancer survivors.
There are 2,438 sudden deaths that occur every day in the United States.
The percentage of Americans who die without a will is 58%.

The number of people who are ready for dealing with these situations?

Far too few.

I am a business owner, wife, mother, pet lover, and someone who spins way too many plates in life and work.

That’s why — for a good portion of my 30 year marriage — I was super happy that my husband Steve took care of most of our personal finances. STEVE is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional.

Heck. He’s a financial planner. Wading through money stuff is his bread and butter.
To be completely honest with you, it just isn’t my jam.
But here is the trouble with that.
If his life depended on it, I realized that I could NOT put my hands on the most important documents in our financial life in a moment’s notice.
I started breaking into a cold sweat when I thought about it.
I kept hearing about crazy life accidents that were happening to friends, family, and even the people I connect with on Facebook.
– A 62-year old friend got the flu, checked into the hospital, and died.
– A business colleague got a second recurrence of lymphoma after having dodged that bullet the first time around.
– Another friend got served divorce papers on New Year’s Day after 32 years of marriage.
It used to be that these things were happening to other people. Now, it seems, they were happening more and more in my own circle of friends.
That was my wake up call.
At some level I knew that I could be next.
Steve and I both run successful businesses and agree on the big things. And, as it often happens in marriages, partners divide roles and responsibilities.
It just made sense for him to handle most of the personal finance matters for our household. Or so I thought up until that fateful day.

Here’s what got me thinking differently:

If something were to happen to him, I couldn’t bear the thought of not being in control of whatever might be Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer Survivorscoming next.
Not to get too “gloom and doom” about this, but the actuarial tables say that 70% of women will survive their partners.
I am just the kind of person who prefers to get ahead of things instead of deal with a mess when I least expect it.
That’s when Steve and I had a serious chat. I asked him to walk me through every last detail of our personal financial lives, and he did. He created an awesome Organizer to capture all of our crucial financial information and a roadmap to light the way, step by step.
Then, on a rainy Saturday in Bellevue, WA, we got our act together and started some juicy conversations about money, priorities, big dreams, and goals for the future that actually brought us closer.
And then we got our AHA moment.

What if we offered the same amazing yet simple system to you so you and your partner can have the same awesome experience and the equally awesome, empowering result that comes with it?

What if — in just one day or on a schedule that suits your busy life — you got on top of your situation and stopped losing sleep.
What if you were breathing easier knowing everything is in order and
that neither one of you or your kids needs to go crazy figuring out what’s what.
Let today be the day you declare this to be your urgent priority!
No more avoiding having this important conversation and doing the dishes instead.
And why?

Because sh*t is going to happen. And it’s time to get in front of it.

Most of us are so busy living life that we are not thinking about what we would do if something should happen to our partner and how we would navigate life if left alone for any reason. It is that failure to anticipate that situation that can have many of us in a world of hurt at the worst possible time.

That’s the problem we aim to support you to solve.

How about kicking PROCRASTINATION to the curb just long enough to organize your crucial financial information so you can find what you need when you need it?

This is your invitation.

Come along for your Life Goes On Virtual Road Trip.


The Benefits

    • You'll get this done.
    • You'll get your head out of the sand and know the lay of the land with power and control.
    • You'll breathe a whole lot easier knowing that you've got everything stored safely and securely so your partner, your kids, or other designated people in your life can carry on, no matter what.
    • Imagine the time you'll save, not having to search high and low for crucial information.
    • No more waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, not knowing where to find what you need when you need it.
    • No more confusion or overwhelm.
    • R-E-L-I-E-F from worry, wondering, and wishing you had done this before — long before the sh*t hit the fan.
    • Rest easy and feel great about the juicy conversations you've started with your partner as you decide what you will start, stop, and keep doing to make the most of every moment of your lives still to come.
    • You won't take any more time than you need to from your business, your job, your kids, and all your other important priorities because you and your partner cared enough about each other to get your acts together in the first place.
      Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer Survivors
    • And getting it done offers the additional priceless benefit of saving either party years of grief trying to find things that can otherwise be spent on far more important matters and replacing grief with joy, possibility,
      and R E L I E F.

Here's How You'll Roll!


This is NOT like Traffic School where you stay in a room with bars on the windows until you’ve done your time. This is an engaging, educational, FUN experience you have with your partner from wherever you live, work or play at a pace that suits your style. Fast or slow — the benefits are yours when you decide to GO!

In the comfort of your own home, you'll learn a lot and get important tasks completed so the rest of your life can be smooth cruising to epic new adventures.

You'll put all your crucial information in place so you can quickly find, store, save, and share the information with the right people. There are 16 short hop trips to take to get your Organizer completed.

  • How fast can you speed through them?
  • Who gets to drive, and who sits shot gun?
  • What fun games can you play to overcome ‘Are We There Yet' fatigue?
  • What kinds of ‘dashboard dining' can you bring along for this virtual trip to keep you energized to get your destination of completion?
  • What celebration can you share as you and your partner raise a glass of champagne to toast your achievements and know that you've done something really important together!
  • Remember, you only have to do this once to get all the benefits.
  • This can be just one day on your calendar or a series of ‘short hop ‘ trips you take so that you get this done so you have sunshine and new adventures to look forward to, no matter what the road of life brings your way.

Choose your route -- fast or slow -- and just DECIDE to get this done to welcome all the benefits.

Plan to invest 5 – 10 hours along the journey, depending upon the complexity of your financial life.Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer Survivors
Now if you are hesitating for any reason, let me call out a powerful truth right out of the gate.
You might be thinking, “Oh boy. I can't wait to spend hours getting my financial information organized.”
You might be thinking, “S-N-O-O-Z-E.”
But it’s time for a powerful wake-up call and a fresh perspective.
Financial information organization is actually the gateway to the kind of power and control most folks hunger for the most.
And often then realize that they need it often when it is too late.
This single task — once completed — will bring a result that the love of your life will always thank you for.
When life turns on a dime — as it often does — the last thing you want to worry about is where to find crucial financial information at a moment’s notice when the moments matter most of all.
Unlike boring books that explain what to save, how and why in so much detail that you find yourself reaching for the NO DOZE to stay awake and alert, the Life Goes On Virtual Road Trip offers you the flexibility and expert support to get the job done right so you welcome the peace of mind, power, access, and control that matter so much — especially when life serves up a bump in the road.
This is your invitation to get off the “Procrastination Roundabout” to get this done.

You’re invited to start right now.

The Get It Done Virtual Road Trip is about no longer being a passenger along the road of life, but taking the wheel and claiming EMPOWERMENT and CONTROL.

The benefits of getting organized now with our powerful Guidebook and Organizer to light the way before a major life event happens are:

  • You'll be able to quickly and effectively take control of your personal finances if a dramatic life event happens to one of you.
  • You'll live more confidently with increased peace of mind because you know you are in control of your personal finances.
  • You'll feel great knowing that your personal information is safe and secure as well as  current and up to date.
  • You'll have the opportunity to open up conversations about money issues with your partner and make course corrections for even better things to come.

Here’s what’s going to happen during YOUR Life Goes On VIRTUAL Road Trip.

You’re going to:

  • Gather your essential financial information – even information you didn’t know you needed;
  • Learn which items you need to have stored at home and which items should be saved securely in the safe deposit box;
  • Discover why getting organized is so important;
  • Kick procrastination to the curb to get this done and dialed on a fast or slow pace that suits your style with expert support, accountability, and guideposts to keep you engaged every step of the way;
  • Get your crucial financial information organized quickly and easily. That’s actually going to save you loads of time that can be spent on other fun and EPIC adventures!
  • Reward yourself with your “I’m Ready for Anything” Membership Badge” as you join a community of Life Goes On Road Trippers who are ready for anything and know that their partners totally have their back. It’s a cheerful reminder that peace of mind is yours, no matter what happens next, and it's a fun community you can be a part of forever as you spread the good news to your friends who are wishing they were members, too!

Clients who took the Life Goes On Virtual Road Trip for a spin raved about it!

“Do you think you’re prepared for an emergency? I thought I was too, until I completed the Life Goes On Virtual Road Trip. Thanks to Nancy and Steve Juetten and their “Get it Done” approach, I was able to organize every bit of financial and personal information into one place that is now easily accessible to my husband and our family in the event of a tragedy.

Nancy and Steve have outdone themselves putting this program together! They have thought of EVERYTHING – account numbers, house operations, vehicle information, personal possessions, insurance information, credit cards, passwords… the list goes on and on! Take the Life Goes On Virtual Road Trip with Nancy and Steve and give your loved ones the best gift ever – peace of mind.”

Dr. Susan O'Malley

“Nancy and Steve are sincere in helping you to get motivated to organize your information for each other. This is truly a gift to each other. It will be a document that we will hopefully not use in a long time, but now we have it if something untimely happens and if we keep it updated, we will have it for the inevitable loss of one of us. And, we can also hand it down to our sons, when the last one of us dies so that they can care for us or settle our affairs in an easier way.”

Blair and Mary Lou Shean

“Just took a Life Goes On Virtual Road Trip with Steve Juetten and Nancy Juetten! What a fantastic adventure with two pros that have put together an exceptional roadmap to be fully prepared as Life Goes On. If life took an unexpected turn, do you have a clear map and access to all that's important for those you care about? I highly recommend you engage with this and share this with those you care about. Huge Thank You Nancy and Steve!!”

Dan Wingard

“The Life Goes on Virtual Road Trip made a boring task that I knew I should do fun and easy. It feels so empowering to have all of our critical information in one place. I feel like it is this great gift that we will leave our boys. They won't have to search for anything because we now have even the nitty gritty smallest detail recorded.

Maureen Kures

“Thank you for all the valuable information and for your follow up email. I truly appreciated having your plan in place for my personal future. My husband Brian and I have worked together and I believe all is in place: That which I need to know in case of his death. I have copies of all important paperwork, and Brian typed me up a “cheat sheet” including even the place in his office to find the key to his desk drawer where he keeps all personal info!

I feel I am totally “in the know” with our finances, both of our final wishes, and all tax and insurance dates and such.

Again thank you for putting together this valuable and very important information. I have forwarded it on to several friends and hope they take advantage of it.”


“Thank you for following up. My wife & I went through the material on a recent road trip. It was a positive conversation and useful guidance for much of our records inventory. We appreciate you sharing the document with us.”

Buck Harrison

“Thanks for putting the “Life Goes On Roadmap” together and making it available. I am happy to report that, yes, we have taken steps to put our financial life in order. Using the checklists provided in the document is helpful and a great tool to use.”

Connie and Mike Russell

Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer Survivors“I have been a CFP® — Certified Financial Planner — , for over 25 years and I have found ‘The Roadmap' by Steve and Nancy Juetten to be the most comprehensive organizing tool that I have ever used. Everything is there, very simple to use,no need to set up a special appointment with your financial planner, fill it out on your own time and send it to whomever you work with regarding your particular financial situation . It gets one organizing your life and asking questions that are not always easy to answer.”

Christopher B. Price, CFP®
Insurance Professional

During Your Get It Done Virtual Road Trip, you'll receive everything you need to get your personal financial life organized:

  • Your Guidebook  — this is a complete, step-by-step GPS to guide you to your destination of completion, empowerment, and control. It's a digital guide to review to help you navigate your virtual trip.
    Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Your Organizer – this is the simple, low-tech tool you’ll use to capture your crucial information so it can be easily updated and shared with the right people.
    Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Your Community —  this is the client-only Facebook community where you can gather around the “truck stop” to ask for directions, get support, and make new friends.
  • Your Ready-Set-Go Prep Call – To make sure you pack properly and prepare for the journey ahead and are well positioned to arrive at your desired destination, tune in to this convenient recording before your actual virtual road trip begins to learn the rules of the road, prepare for the path ahead, and get a jump start on locating the information you'll need to get this mission accomplished.
  • Access to two experienced guides during your Life Goes on Virtual Road Trip adventure who gather in the members only Facebook community to answer questions and keep you on track.
  • Useful and Time-Saving Resources to enhance your journey, including access to a Ready Set Retire Quiz and Retirement Checklists to make sure additional boxes along the road of life get checked to support you in making wise choices so you don’t run out of money, no matter what life dishes up along the way.
  • When you reach your destination of COMPLETION, you'll have the peace of mind, confidence, and power to keep life moving forward as the DRIVER of your financial life for as long as you live.
  • Most importantly, new life will be infused into your personal finance conversations as you dream for the future, plan for the unexpected, and buckle up for EPIC adventures still to come!

We've guided enough people through this experience already to know that the Life Goes On Virtual Road Trip is the most important work of our lives.

This is our opportunity to jump start powerful, practical, and empowering conversations about money with couples around the country that can favorably impact the rest of their lives and the legacies they leave behind for those they love most in the world.

Taking this virtual road trip with us can be the greatest act of love and service you can share with your partner to let him or her know that you've got their back, and no one matters more.

And that's why we invite you to get on board.

When you add up the value of the specific tools and the peace of mind that come with getting this done, the total is well beyond what we are assigning to it.  And that's why we invite you to come along.

When You Do:

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Just make sure to say YES now so you can benefit from the special INTRODUCTORY tuition we are offering today.

Remember, you choose your route -- fast or slow. Just GO to welcome the benefits.

We've done our best to think of everything.

In fact, our first set of ‘road tester' clients agreed wholeheartedly that we did, and they are still thanking us for it.

Now it's your turn to get on board so your personal financial information is well organized, safely stored, and shared with the right people so when life turns on a dime, you are ready for anything.

Peace of mind is so close you can almost taste it.

Which is why saying YES is your best move right now.

The value we assign to the proprietary tools, training, and expert support for lasting and priceless peace of mind, not to mention the time, aggravation, and frustration you will side step by getting this done sooner versus later…


Your  Wise Investment:


  •  Click on the BLUE VAN to SAY YES, and keep your hand gestures and mindset positive for the road ahead!

Ship Life Goes on Roadmap™  to Your Home

Your 3-ring binder includes your Guidebook, Organizer, and a Safe, Secure Way to Save Your Most Crucial Personal Financial Information.


Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer Survivors

Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer Survivors

Action and Satisfaction Guarantee

We are 100% confident that after you employ the powerful personal AND PROPRIETARY financial organization tools and virtual training, you will be ready to welcome whatever life dishes up next and remain empowered and in control around money matters. That’s why we invite you to invest wisely and invest your valuable time during your Life Goes On Virtual Road Trip so the journey can begin as soon as possible. Fast or slow — that decision is yours to make. Just make the decision to get in the car and drive to the peace of mind that awaits for you and your entire family when you complete this task and give everyone something to celebrate.

No action. No refund. No exceptions.

Nancy and Steve Juetten have been working and playing together since they fell in love in June of 1983. Married for 30 years, they have been running two success­ful businesses, raising a family, building their wealth, and loving their lives.
STEVE is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and the principal of Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC – a fee-only fi­nancial planning company that guides busy professional people to make the most of their money so they have more time to do what they love. One division serves baby boomers. Another division serves early career professionals who want to get a jump start on using their money wisely to achieve their goals in life.

NANCY is the president of Nancy S. Juetten Marketing, Inc. Roadmap for Financial Empowerment for Breast Cancer SurvivorsShe is the behind-the-scenes marketing wizard who builds the buzz, raises the profile, and boosts business for her own company and Steve’s, too. In business since 2001, she is well known for guiding experts and speakers to take their places on bigger live and virtual stages by getting ready for big oppor­tunity before it knocks.
With this new collaboration with Steve, she is combining her marketing skills with her husband’s talent for personal finance organization to help Baby Boomer women around the USA get ready for the next chapters in their lives when something happens to shift their course to go solo for whatever reason life has served up.
One thing Steve and Nancy have always had in common is the value of using money and resources wisely to make their dreams come true. Now they are working together to guide families everywhere to also organize their financial lives so life can go on, no matter what happens next.