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“How to Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to Your Boring Bio and Get Ready for Opportunity Now”

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RPA Replay

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RPA Replay

The “Bio Doc is In” call for the RPA Conference Keynote rocked.

Callers from around the world called in to get REAL HELP to make their bios better for client attraction.

“Nancy, You’re a master- right off the cuff you identify the heart of what each of us is saying and deliver a redesigned bio that catches attention in its eloquence and sizzle. I already purchased your package. Thank you!!! ” -Paula Caplan – Brooklyn

“You are an amazing speaker and you are raising many internal issues for likely most of us on this call to move forward! WE are going to walk the talk of our trade and repattern this situation in our next segment. Thank you so much for helping us as a group find something huge that needs to shift.”  -Carolyn Winter – Toronto

If you were not able to join us live, click above to benefit from the useful tips and story transformations that took shape in real time.

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