Semi-Private Media One Sheet Makeover Session

Semi-Private Media One Sheet Makeover Session with Nancy Juetten

Semi-Private Media One Sheet Makeover Session
Get seen, heard and helped, while also getting to benefit from the feedback provided to others and meet new people who could become your new champions, advocates, and co-collaborators. You and 3 others come together for an intimate group 90 minute Zoom call during which Nancy Juetten reviews and offers Media One Sheet feedback for all.


Semi-Private Media One Sheet Makeover SessionYou get lifetime access to 5 empowering Podcast Visibility Lab replays to guide you to master the 6P system to become the podcast dream guest top hosts can’t wait to book. You’ll learn to prepare, position, prioritize, pitch, ping pong, and profit and receive proven templates tools, and resources to create a door opening media one sheet including your own digital copy of the much celebrated Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook.


Semi-Private Media One Sheet Makeover SessionYou consume and take action on the first two video lessons from the Podcast Visibility Lab to create your best effort draft in time for the March 3 session.


Nancy’s amazing assistant formats your media one sheet, using our proven template and customizes it to your brand colors to save you time, tech challenges, and assuring a timely, convenient, and beautiful result.


Semi-Private Media One Sheet Makeover Session


Nancy will showcase your completed media one sheet in the Raise Your Voice – Make Your Impact FB group for Wow Wednesday for the entire community of 2800+ members to see as a brilliant example.


Semi-Private Media One Sheet Makeover Session
Once the session is complete, you take action on the other podcast guesting lessons within the Podcast Visibility Lab training to book yourself on the right podcasts without hiring an expensive booking agency. Best of all, you’ll own these influential skills for the lifetime and ongoing visibility of your successful company.

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Want even more support?

  • Take your place in the Broadcast Your Brilliance Boot Camp to  enjoy 12 weeks of unwavering support, expert access, accountability, and community. You’ll book yourself on 4-12 of the right shows under your own power and initiative.

You also benefit from:

  • 3 months of membership in the Self Growth JV Directory to enjoy VIP access to podcast and summit hosts looking for guests and co-collaborators like you;
  • Lifetime access to the Get Known Get Paid Online Success Library to benefit from videos, audios, workbooks and other supplemental training to bridge gaps in your business foundations so you become a master of new client enrollment, structure a signature talk that converts, learn to grow your list to 10,000 or more, and so much more.


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