QuestionMarkIf you've ever written a book, created a product, or put your heart and soul into something, you know all too well how easy it can be to get emotionally involved in the value that is associated with that amazing thing you've just created.

This I know all too well since I have invested the better part of 40 days creating the updated, revised, and much expanded second edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.    When you eat, drink and sleep a project over such a focused period of time, you get emotionally invested.    Setting aside that emotion to arrive at the right price has been much on my mind.

The first edition was 52-pages of quality content and sold to people all over America and the world for $49.  People loved it and profited from the information within, and their amazing testimonials offer welcome proof.

Now the second edition is a whole lot better than the first.  It includes 143 pages of quality content.  It offers 10 road-tested worksheets that make getting to the heart of your message fast and painless.  Abundant bio examples from clients who have used the tips and templates to write “rock star” bios of their own are showcased to inspire your own writing efforts.  And, if that weren't enough, this system also provides access to three content-rich audio interviews to bring the content alive with practical suggestions that can guide users to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for expert status.

What should be the right price? Here is what I have decided and believe in my heart.  This comprehensive system is so good that people everywhere should be able to buy it and profit from it.  It is better than ever and deserves a very wide and appreciative audience.

Taking Tad Hargrave's message in the prior blog post about narrowing one's niche to heart, what I know to be true is that there are over 27 million solopreneurs in the marketplace who are working very hard to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for their expert status.  They need all the help they can get, now more than ever.

3-d-bbbb-cover 2nd EditionWith that said, the price for the Second Edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio has been officially set at $2 LESS than the first edition.   This is a demonstration of my commitment to advance the success of those I am here to serve.

A great deal of value is packed within this comprehensive system.  The spiral bound version bbbb-worksheet-stacked-coversof Bye-Bye Boring Bio is waiting for you at the budget friendly price of $47.   And, you can add the e-version to your order for just $10 more.   You can also purchase the e-version for $47 and enjoy the immediate gratification associated with receiving your product as an immediate digital download.    And, if $47 is beyond your budget, you can access the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action e-Worksheets on an a la carte basis for $27.

Best of all, when you apply the lessons and tips within to your expert advantage, you will be poised to attract more of the right clients, invite more speaking engagements, and welcome media interviews to advance your expert status and fan the flames of your prosperity.    Given the demands of the economy, this seems like a mission well worth the journey.   This is your invitation to take the first step by preparing YOUR story and transforming it from wallpaper to wow right now.

Independent service professionals from a wide range of industries are represented within the Second Edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.   You can search through the index to find bios for authors, speakers, infopreneurs, personal safety and identity theft experts, a virtual assistant, a home stager, a forensic accountant, a financial planner, and a wide range of life and executive coaches for message inspiration to make writing your own bio a breeze.

Speaking of which, here are the names of those whose bios are proudly featured within the second edition:

Dennis Connor, Barry Diller, Brian Tracy, Patrick Snow, Tammy Redmon, Leslie Irish Evans, Bernice Bright Dickey, Bill Baren, John Eggen, Risa Davis, Catherine Behan, Nina Durfee, Nicole Donnelly, Dawn Martinello, Suzanne Falter-Barns, Kim Duke, Michael Gerber, Marci Shimoff, Nancy Marmolejo, Alice Cunningham, Paulette Ensign, John Curley, Tad Hargrave, John Hutson, Sara Harvey Yao, James Roche, Jeff Bow, Melissa Wadsworth, Steve Juetten, Kammie Lisenby, Larry Kaminer, Don Burrows, Vicki Draper, Fred Matthews, Betty James Laughrun, Margit Crane, Elise Chaudoin, Robert Siciliano, Katherin Scott, Janet Swtizer, Patricia Fripp, Bill Stainton, James Donaldson, Alison Vaughn, and Lori Richardson.    You are all rock stars in my book!

I've put my very best effort into this new system with the goal of empowering soloprenuers the world over to prepare and share their stories so the marketplace can celebrate.   Thanks in advance for spreading the word to people you know who can benefit.   With your support and some thoughtful and deliberate action on the parts of those who are ready to stand out and shine with the right bios for the right situations, boring bios will soon be a thing of the past.  Soon we'll all have a whole lot more to celebrate!