Do you want to get known as the expert in your field in 2011?   And are you truly ready to step into the spotlight?

Let me help you with that.  I'll be presenting a Webinar entitled “Take the Rock Star Status Reality Check” to members and guests of eWomenNetwork on Tuesday, January 18, and I'd love to have you join in this engaging presentation.

I'd love to know the questions you would like me to answer LIVE during the call. Please share them here at the blog or by email at so I can answer them and guide you faster on your road to earning the expert status you seek.  I'll answer as many of your questions LIVE during the call as I can, and I'll otherwise share additional insights here at the blog.  To register for the webinar or gain access to the audio recording after the fact, visit this link to claim your place.  And invite your friends to benefit, too.