Happy New Year, one and all.

Today I am sharing one of the articles I wrote in December of 2009 that is well worth repeating.  It shares powerful do-it-yourself publicity lessons inspired by The Wizard of Oz to inspire business and success planning for the New Year.  Enjoy and share with others who are ready to fly over the rainbow in 2012 to welcome the visibility, credibility, and profitability they dream of.  The power to make it happen is well within our own control, so go forth and make it so.

  • You don’t have to fly over the rainbow to get much of what you want.  Most of the media coverage you seek to make a difference in your business can be found in your own backyard.
  • Don’t let “blue bird envy” stand in your way.  Wishing and hoping doesn’t get the job done.  Get into action today to earn the attention you seek for your message.
  • Big news always rings loud and clear – Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for  help to get what you need.  Good  witches and mentors are everywhere — if you just ask the local munchkins  for quality recommendations.
  • Along  your yellow brick road to success, don’t settle for  Munchkin  Land when the Land of Oz is what  you really want.  Think big about  what you want to accomplish and the perfect media outlets where you most want  your message to be heard.
  • Celebrate  new media.  If the crystal ball  isn’t delivering the solutions and information you need, find alternative ways  learn what you need to know to carry your message forward.
  • There will be forks in the road and different paths to take along your journey to  DIY publicity success.  Make a  choice, put some spring in your step, and have some fun along the  way.
  • It  takes brains, courage, and heart to make your message stand out.
  • Frame  your story as a horse of a different color so it stands apart.
  • Choose local color to invite memorable and remarkable photo opportunities.
  • You  have to be willing to put up with things that get in your way, like angry  apples, flying monkeys, wicked witches, and sleep-inducing poppies.
  • Put  your best dress on and your best face forward before you make your pitch.
  • Collaborate  with a quality team when making your approach.
  • Never  underestimate the power of a sassy pair of shoes to boost your confidence when  pitching a story or doing anything that really matters in your life.
  • Don’t easily surrender Dorothy.  Be willing to fight for the coverage you want.
  • “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” You have more power to make  things happen in your business than you ever thought possible. You just have  to look in your bag of tricks to find the right tools and resources to the get  the mission accomplished. And you have to use them.
  • There  is no place like home. Start your media efforts close to home and grow from there.
  • Earn loyal friends, fans and followers with every step you take.  That will go a long way to lend  strength and momentum to your buzz-building effort here and beyond, today and  forever.
  • As you make your own storytelling plans for the New Year, commit to learning new skills to make sure your message is heard, or add the right members to your winning team to bring an element of magic dust to your success equation.
  • Set  your course, make your plans, and journey forward with quality effort and the  conviction to achieve the media recognition you seek.
  • Just as Dorothy discovered, you can make a lot of magic happen if you just click your heels together and get to work.