Anyone who wants to know what journalists are thinking, what they are worried about or how they are working toward delivering the news in the future should regularly read Their tag line is very appropriate “Everything you need to be a Better Journalist.” The Poynter Institute is a school for journalists, future journalists, and teachers of journalists, according to the site. Jonathan Dube, who regularly posts Web Tips has a great one today that Do-It-Yourselfers will find very useful. It’s posted here:

Here’s the first part of what Jonathan wrote:

Earlier this month, CNN launched a new site dedicated to user-generated content that is unmoderated — basically, a news version of YouTube. The site, currently in “beta” or test mode, can be viewed at

Since August 2006, CNN has been featuring audience submitted photos and video on CNN and under the “iReport” brand — but only material carefully vetted by its journalists. The network has received nearly 100,000 news-related photos and videos from viewers, but only published or aired about 10 per cent. Now, all of those submissions, and everything submitted going forward, can be viewed at”

Do-It-Yourself Publicity Seekers should read the rest of the post, check out the site and get cracking on creating their own newsworthy content with an eye towards publishing it on