Kris Allen and Adam LambertShawn JohnsonFor all the reality TV show fans here and beyond, the big wins this week have been something to see.  First, Shawn Johnson wins “Dancing with the Stars.”  Then, Kris Allen wins “American Idol” in what will no doubt be considered an amazing underdog victory over Rocker Adam Lambert. Oprah crowned the most talented kids in the world, many of whom delighted and amazed viewers with their remarkable singing, dancing, and musical prowess.

And here in the DIY publicity trenches, I've been blessed with some wonderful customer reviews. I received a hand written ‘thank you' note that brought happy tears to my eyes:

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for an amazing training on Friday!!!  It was beyond my expectations, and I look forward to implementing what I've learned!  The testimonial for your website is coming, too!!  More thant that, I want to thank you for your generous heart, your humility, your integrity, and the impact you bring.  You are a rare gem and I am so grateful to have you on my team!  May you be blessed richly!

Shannon Bruce, CPCC, Inner Wisdom Coaching Services

And, a new blog post by Seattle PI Reader Blogger Trisha Nerney makes me beam with pride.

To make a good week even better,  I got word earlier in the week that a proposal I submitted earned a new, perfect client to add to my full service public relations practice.  And, this engagement could not be better suited to my skills and passions.

I had a boss once (thank you Mike Sick, wherever you are) who said to celebrate the good days when they happen.   Today has been a very good day for lots of reasons.  I am grateful.

Enough reality TV for me.  I've got plenty of great work to do, and I can't wait!