Sizzling Speaker Sheet

Aspiring Speakers!

Give Me 30 Days and You’ll Be Ready to
Get Booked on Bigger Stages

Do you dream of speaking on bigger stages in front of your ideal audience?

Would you love to see your calendar filled with speaking gigs that have the potential to catapult your business to a whole new level of visibility and profitability?

Are you eager to speak your message and share your gifts with those who are ready to invest in what you have to offer?

If so… I have a one-time only offer you can’t afford to miss. It's the Get Your Sizzling Speaker Sheet Challenge.

The 30-Day “Get Booked on Bigger Stages” Challenge

a one-time-only opportunity to get the guidance, tools and professional feedback you need
to create a sizzling speaker sheet that gets the gigs!

If you’re serious about sharing your message and connecting with your ideal audience by speaking on both live and virtual stages, you need a speaker sheet that can get you booked! Period.

Until you do, you can dream about speaking all you want.

But it’s not going to happen. Not until you’ve got a speaker sheet that convinces decision makers you’re the one to hire.

So… let’s get together throughout this month and in 30 days or less,
you’ll have a sizzling, gig-getting speaker sheet.


Here’s How Much Fun We’re Going to Have

From the first of this month, I’m going to work with you to get your sizzling speaker sheet done and dialed in so you’ll soon be filling your docket with speaking gigs on stages you’ve only dreamed about.

“Nancy Juetten has a way with words. Not just her words, but yours. She can gently reshape and repoint your thoughts till they are powerful, targeted and have impact on your audience. Her clarity is unparalleled.Thank you for all your help, Nancy!” ~Julia Roberts

Here’s how we roll…

The moment you sign up for this Challenge, you will receive:

The Sizzling Speaker Sheet Template that gives you the steps, how-to’s and structure of your speaker sheet.

The 3-hour Sizzling Speaker Sheet ‘Get It Done’ Virtual Workshop, a recorded webinar that leads you step-by-step through the process of creating your own speaker sheet.

Then, throughout this month, you’ll also receive:

Access to the Sizzling Speaker Sheet Makeover Lab, a private Facebook Group where I’ll be available Monday-Thursday to give you pointers, feedback, and support. As well as a little kick in the you-know-what.

Plus, VIP access to 4 live office hours — one per week for this entire month. I'm offering live office hours and I'm thrilled to have this chance to turn your best rough draft into a masterpiece.

By the end of this challenge, you may not have a tan, but you will have a sizzling hot speaker sheet to get you booked on both live and virtual stages…so you can share your message, attract your ideal clients, build your business, and change people’s lives.

And you’ll still have plenty of time to sit by the pool, swing in a hammock, or plant peonies in your garden.

“Since we did the speaker sheet, I have averaged 2 speaking gigs a month for the first 6 months of 2017.” – Margo Myers

So many entrepreneurs keep telling me that they want more clients and more money.

Well, speaking is the most effective, efficient and profitable way to get both!

Just this month, I spoke at a live event for 20 minutes. 20 tiny minutes.
And when I was done, over 91% of that audience became paying clients of mine.

People were coming up to thank and hug me… with their credit card in their hand.

How would you like to make thousands of dollars in just 20 minutes?

You can! Again and again and again.

When you share your message from the right stages in front of the right audience.

But you can’t get on those stages until you have a speaker sheet that gets those kind of client-converting, money-making gigs!

So, let’s do this thing… before I change my mind and
decide to spend this month on the coast of France.

I am challenging you and supporting you to get this done and get it done right in just 30 days so those big doors to even bigger opportunities can fly open sooner rather than later.

Sign up now and get:

Sizzling Speaker SheetThe Sizzling Speaker Sheet Template that gives you the steps, how-to’s and structure of your speaker sheet.

Sizzling Speaker SheetThe 3-hour Sizzling Speaker Sheet ‘Get It Done’ Virtual Workshop, a recorded webinar that leads you step-by-step through the process of creating your own speaker sheet.

Sizzling Speaker SheetAccess to the Sizzling Speaker Sheet Makeover Lab, a private Facebook Group where I’ll be available Monday-Thursday to give you pointers, feedback, and support.

Sizzling Speaker SheetI am going to offer four office hours ... one per week ... to make sure you get the help you need.

And your investment for all of this?
Only $297.

“Booked my second speaking gig for this month…wait for it, by being ready when opportunity knocks… I had sent an inquiry to the leader of a local group asking about who booked speakers for them. She sent me an email back saying she was just starting to book for 2018 … and offered me a last minute gig, fully expecting that it wouldn't work. Turned out it did! I had my stuff over to her so she could promote the event in minutes. She's already sent me three thank you emails. Yay! Thanks for that great advice Nancy!” – Joy Evanns

Sizzling Speaker Sheet

I kid you not!

For less than $300, you will get the guidance, accountability and expert feedback you need to get your speaker sheet done in just 30 days or less.

If you’ve been procrastinating on getting your speaker sheet, or if you’ve tried but it’s not coming together as you’d hoped, or you simply want my professional eyeballs on your draft, this is your chance to get ‘er done and get ‘er done right!

Because you won’t just get the tools and training, you’ll get my professional support, guidance and input so you’re ready to rock multiple stages.

This is a $997 value being offered to you once and only once for $297.

This is a one-time only opportunity at a ridiculous price that will be available throughout this month only.


“Wow, this $297 offer feels like exactly what it is…a huge blessing. Sign me up. Or rather, I’ll sign up the minute you announce it. I so look forward to working with you.” – Laura
“Whether you aspire to be an inspirational, motivational, or transformational speaker, prepare to be inspired, motivated and transformed by Nancy’s genuine guidance, loving insights, and meticulous process! She will help you clearly identify and articulate your target audience, what service you provide, and how you provide it.” – Rene Rafael Vogt-Lowell

Sizzling Speaker Sheet

Holy Smokes, Nancy! I’m IN! I can’t wait to get booked on more live and virtual stages. Sign me up now!
I realize I’ll receive the guidance, tools and support I need to create a sizzling speaker sheet in just 30-days, so I can be ready for those big opportunities when they come a’knocking.
I know you will make it fast, easy, and fun for me to write the words that will turn the heads of decision makers who have the power and influence to book me on their live or virtual stages.
I’m thrilled to have immediate access to:

The Sizzling Speaker Sheet Template and

The 3-hour Sizzling Speaker Sheet ‘Get It Done’ Virtual Workshop.

And I’m looking forward to:

30-days worth of access to the Sizzling Speaker Sheet Makeover Lab

Plus, VIP access to 4 live office hours — one per week for the entire month, where I can get your expert guidance in how to transform the best draft of my speaker sheet into a compelling masterpiece.

I realize I’m receiving a $997 value for only $297 .

Such a deal!

“Thank you Nancy for your incredible magic with Mark's Speaker One Sheet!! It is exactly what we were hoping for!! You are a MASTER!! Onward and Upward!!”
– Dee Dee Reid, COO, Amplified Dynamics

Listen… you can be the most polished, dynamic speaker on earth.
You can have a message that has the power to rock the world.
But if you can’t get a speaking gig in front of your ideal audience, who cares?
You might as well speak to yourself in front of your bathroom mirror.
But if you’re serious about getting your message out there, if you really want to book speaking gigs that have the power and influence to catapult your career, you have to have a speaker sheet that convinces decision makers you’re the one to hire.
And that’s exactly what you’ll get during The 30-Day “Get Booked on Bigger Stages” Challenge.
I can’t wait to get started!
Nancy Juetten
P.S. I promise you, you won’t get a better deal, or receive as much support, or have as much fun when it comes to creating a speaker sheet that gets decision makers to hire you… again and again and again. We’re not only going to get ‘er done, we’re going to have some fun!

“With Nancy’s help I was able to create my speaker one sheet, which I had been struggling with and procrastinating on for weeks.”
“I’m glad I stopped trying to do this on my own and found the help of an such an expert. I was amazed by her talent for wordsmithing, her ability to seemingly draw ideas out of thin air. Nancy helped me replace dry information and put my passion on paper so that my authentic self, my heart is now reflected. I am fired up and ready to rock the stage more than ever! I highly recommend her services!!!”
Sizzling Speaker SheetMaura Joy Lustig Wellness and Wealth Transformation Coach, Abundance with Ease

Action and Satisfaction Guarantee

I am 100% confident that after you employ the powerful business-building knowledge, tools and coaching in this Speaker One-Sheet Get It Done Challenge, you will be able to create your sizzling speaker one-sheet and be inspired and confident to share it with more of the right people who can book you to share your message. That’s why I invite you to invest wisely so the journey can begin as soon as possible. Work with the webinar training and proven template. Ask for support and post your best effort draft in the Sizzling Speaker Sheet Makeover Lab on Facebook for my thoughtful feedback. Show up for the 4 live office hours to get even more support. Apply the feedback you receive to your expert advantage. If you don’t make your modest investment back after taking inspired action as hundreds before you already have, send your completed worksheets, speaker sheet draft, and actions you have taken to request a refund.

No action. No refund. No exceptions.

Sizzling Speaker Sheet“Nancy Juetten is an absolute gem. She kept a slightly uncomfortable fire lit under our feet with a deadline so we would actually get this done in 30 days… and it works!
I am producing a Speaker One Sheet I could only have dreamt of. The information was there all along but her mentoring and templates helped pull the magic out of each and every single participant. The saying goes “you get out of it what you put into it” does not apply here. Nancy over-delivers. Generously giving support, ideas and profound business help that go beyond our Speaker One Sheet. Nancy is committed to seeing that your talents, mission and best self get on paper so decision makers will take one look at your Sizzling Speaker One Sheet and say, ‘I must have this speaker!'
I didn’t think I had the time to do this program, but I’m so glad I did.”
Kathi McKnight, Your “Write” Coach

Sizzling Speaker Sheet“I participated in the Get Your Speaker Sheet Done Challenge, and I am very enthusiastic about Nancy Juetten's talent for words and her powerful guidance. Nancy Juetten is a word wizard who magically helps you to transform your words in a language that sells your work, inspires your new audience and the event managers. Plus, by reformulating the information you give her, new structures in your own wisdom come to the forefront. This is highly inspiring. Further, she overdelivers by giving so many tips on how to have more chances to get booked as a speaker. Awesome. I highly recommend Nancy Juetten as the coach to go if you want your work to bring you many clients and audiences. I am very grateful for what I learned from her in such a short time.”
FreyaJoy Tinbergen M.A.

“Anyone who really wants to get booked should work with Nancy Juetten! She had the perfect system to help me spice up an otherwise ordinary speaker one-sheet. You can't fail with the step-by-step approach that she offers in her webinar and speaker one-sheet creation tool.The community and calls that she offers to her clients includes Nancy's direct feedback (as well as feedback from others) and was invaluable. She also gave me TONS of ideas on groups that would be perfect for me to reach out to for speaking opportunities. I finished my speaker one-sheet in one weekend with concentrated effort and received feedback over the next couple of days to to make it even better. I feel confident that if someone asked me for a speaker one sheet today, I could immediately send it without hesitation. With a corporate background in HR, I've been conditioned to write to apply to the masses, but with Nancy's approach, you're encouraged to bring the fun out and express who you really are – which is really what sells. Plus Nancy is hilarious and she is a great mentor to work with. If you're not using Nancy's program to create your speaker one-sheet, what are you waiting for?!” –– Vanessa Newport

Sizzling Speaker Sheet