TrufflesI’ve decided to celebrate memorable sound bites I read in the media as a way to draw a distinction between “boilerplate” comments and “really great” comments.

For example,  this one  — ”Skittles.  It’s What’s for Dinner” —  is one that captured my attention in an article about the proposed new candy tax.  Being a huge fan of premium chocolate, this article certainly earned my interest.

There is a “boilerplate” way to make a point, and there is a “really great” and memorable way to make a point.  A sassy sound bite is a “really great” way to get the job done.  “Skittles.  It’s What’s for Dinner” is a memorable way one side of this argument for the candy tax made his point.

Seattle Chocolate Company CEO Jean Thomspon, on the other hand, said the candy tax is bad for her business. Plus, chocolate is actually healthy and has more anti-oxidants than blueberries, she said.  “It actually is a food,” Thompson said, “And it’s an important part of people’s mental health when there are not a lot of luxuries available to them.”

Am I in favor of the candy tax?  Absolutely not.    But sassy sound bites like these sure are bound to get a lot of people talking.  And that is a big part of using the power of publicity to share your message far and wide.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: Where do YOU stand on the proposed candy tax?  Premium chocolate lovers such as myself would love to know.   Let me hear from you!