While attending the Seattle Chamber of Commerce Technology Thursday event yesterday about social media, one of the audience members asked, “Doesn't all this social media effort take a lot of time?”  There were giggles and other telling sounds from the capacity crowd.  The speaker then said, “Social media isn't a job.  It's a lifestyle.”  Now that is  a memorable sound bite!

Just this morning, I had a very engaging conversation with Kristen Marie Schuerlein on this topic.   She said, “Let's not confuse what we do for entertainment and activity with deliberate actions that deliver meaningful bottom line results.” I couldn't agree more.

biznikAs for me, one success is flowing very specifically from one of my deliberate social media actions.  I've written the new “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide” to empower business owners and job seekers to write compelling bios that will invite more of the right opportunities their way.  As part of my marketing effort, I wrote a brief article offering useful tips on the topic and posted it to Biznik.  Within the last week, 2479 people read the article, 46 people reviewed it favorably, and a number of people are sharing the article with their networks in a very favorable reference.  Within the  last week,  I've received one speaking invitation, three inquiries to be of service, I've sold a number of Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guides, and registrations are flowing in for the upcoming Publici-Tea™ Express Workshops coming to Seattle Design Center this fall.

You may be asking, “How much time and money did It take to make these specific results happen? Let me answer that question very specifically.

Writing the article was easy and time effiecient for me because I already created the 50-page guide.  I invested about an hour of my time to write the article.  Posting the article to Biznik took less than a minute since I've prior submitted ten articles and already know how to do that.  I've earned new fans, attracted new opportunities to help others, and I've made money by sharing useful tips in an efficient way from which many people can benefit.

I Want to Hear from You:

  • How specifically is social media playing into your very specific prosperity?
  • Do you consider social media a job or a lifestyle?
  • Please chime in and share your stories.   Inquiring readers and this blogger want to know more!

Post Script:

if you read the Biznik article about how to say “Bye-Bye to Your Boring Bio” and find it useful, please share it with others.  Biznik Technical Support Specialist Christian Jacobson explains how to do this as follows, “Just a quick tip for those who want to share great Biznik articles like this with Facebook and the rest of the world…Below the author's photo are several buttons, one of which is ‘Share this article.' Click that button and choose Facebook (for example), and you will be presented with the familiar ‘Post this to your profile?' message from Facebook.” It's just that easy. Who among us doesn't need a better bio that tells our stories better so others will listen?   Check out the article, share the article, and let's help people everywhere get that mission accomplished!

Thanks Christian!