With so many coaches in the world seeking to make a profound difference in the world, it is really important to nail your particular message so people can know right away if what you speak about is what lights their fire.  When Diane Ingram came into my life, she was getting short-listed for potential speaking gigs, yet she wasn't satisfied that her message was strong enough to reflect her own authentic story and the value her presentations could deliver for the right audiences.

Before working together, her headline read:

Transforming Insight into Action

The ultimate result for the listener wasn't clear, and the statement seemed generic as opposed to memorable and magnetic.

After working together, her headline with a subhead now reads:

It’s Time to Envision, Dream and Transform Your Life Now!

Say Farewell to Naysayers, Energy Bandits, and Dream Squashers

and Dance to the Groove of Your Heart’s Longing

There is more energy packed within these words — and some attitude besides.  You can read the rest of her story by visiting this link.

We all have a message to share. Finding the right words and tone of voice to deliver it to the benefit of your ideal audience  is where the journey begins.   If the words don't dance on the page right out of the gate, that can make it  hard to get invited to share your message at the dance.

Now, Diane is taking steps forward along her path to welcome more speaking engagements with a message that speaks her own truth.  With a more compelling headline and story, she is on her way.

Diane Ingram“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Nancy to create a bio for my speaking/life coaching business that truly speaks to who I am. When I heard Nancy’s interview on Speakermatch.com, I got how my bio is the first thing a client sees about me and how it can make or break a decision to hire me. I knew at that moment that I wanted Nancy’s expertise at word wizardry to help craft my bio. I learned that it is possible to distill all the aspects of myself and my business, into a concise, clear story that is compelling, engaging and impressive!”  — Diane Ingram, PCC, CSC

If you would like to listen to the Speakermatch radio interview, here is the  link to make that easy:  SpeakerMatchInterview21711 .  Enjoy.