How did I get invited to speak for Direct Pay the first time? Truth be told, it was “speaker gig envy” that fueled my effort.  Someone I admired a lot was showcased as a speaker. When I saw the eblast come in my inbox, I asked myself, “Why not me?”

So, I searched around the website, found someone to reach out to in customer service, and suggested a topic that would be of service to the members.

That single effort has since resulted in three speaking invitations for me that have brought my expertise to the attention of the entire customer list for Direct Pay! (formerly known as Practice Pay Solutions.) And I have since recommended a number of experts to contribute to this series, too.

So, if you have a topic that would add value to the mastery series, making a pitch that the decision makers can’t resist is a good first step. It sure worked for me.

Speaking of which … If you have joint ventures on your mind …I reprise a popular talk I gave earlier this month on this topic that is perfect for you if you are a smart business owner who wants to get out the gate like winner right from the start and avoid common blunders.

Details for the March 11 call are below, and check out the other great speakers coming to serve you from the Direct Pay Mastery Series, too. Maybe you’ll soon be among them. Maybe now is the time for you to make YOUR pitch.

More about the Business Mastery Series from Direct Pay:

Ready to put more kick into your 2014?  Get geared up with new ideas and be ready for increased success and satisfaction. The team at Direct Pay has designed a series of web events that will inspire and enlighten you, while giving you solid information and knowledge to continue to grow and develop your organization.

Here is the full schedule for the 2014 Series:

My big news is to let you know who is up next in the Business Mastery Series…I am! Join me on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern for a free web event:

3 Mistakes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make that Keep Them Stuck at the Starting Gate

as Joint Venture Partners and How to Avoid Them

During this webinar, I will share — direct from the trenches — how I rose to become a “Rock Star” joint venture partner, despite starting out with a small list, taking an old-school approach, and leading with my heart of gold. You will learn:

== The 3 biggest blunders to avoid

== The top 3 ways to provide and receive advocacy

== How to get out of the starting gate like a “rock star” — even if you are just starting out.

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