Diane BridgwaterWith the Second Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit coming up on Friday, I am showcasing my event partners and their expertise so you'll be delighted to meet these fine people on event day.

Today's guest post comes from Diane Bridgwater, president of SpeakerPublisher.   One of Diane's services is helping speakers and authors create beautiful one-sheets that make meeting planners and other decisions makers say “YES” to what they offer.   That magical “YES” is the first step toward getting seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for expert status.   If that is a service you need, Diane can add a great deal of value to your efforts.

And, I would simply add that pretty pictures don't make it fabulous.  It is the blended and powerful combination of compelling content, audience takeaway lessons, and presentation that work together to bring decision makers to an “EASY YES” decision.  If your speaker sheet falls short on the content piece, Bye-Bye Boring Bio can help you tell your story.  Then, Diane's graphic design team can turn your content into a tool that will make you beam with pride as y0u welcome more prosperity into your business.  Take it away Diane.



Build the Buzz About Your Book BEFORE You Publish It

By Diane Bridgwater

Writing a book is its own process, but many authors forget one of the most important parts of writing a book and that’s promoting it!

It’s easy to build buzz around your book before you’ve even written a chapter. Don’t wait until it’s done, get people interested before, during and after you’ve written it.

Here are seven strategies to get you started in promoting your book. There are many more ways, but these are fast and require little or no cost.

#1 – TELL people about your “forthcoming book” – if you go to networking events, tell people about your book, your topic, anything. People will be amazed that you are writing a book and extremely interested. Be confident and then ask them if they would like to be notified of the launch party.

#2 – Create a unique web site URL using the title of your book. Include a free download of a chapter and then collect their email for future announcements.

#3 – Start blogging about your topic or leave a comment on other blogs with similar topics. Be sure to keep it positive and if appropriate promote your book URL. My blogging you help to establish yourself as an expert about your topic but don’t be a no-it-all. Ask for reviews of chapters or the book on your blog and get feedback and testimonials.

#4 – Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to provide tips and snippets of chapters from your book or to provide people with education, helping to establish you as an expert. Be active on social media and post often to build your credibility.

#5 – Promote your book or topic at events

When your book is finished have a book signing party at a small book store. Go to networking events and give away your book as a door prize. Go to fairs that are around your topic and talk to other professionals in your field about your book.

#6 – Look for opportunities to be on radio and internet radio interviews such as Blog Talk Radio or create your own show.

#7 – Create workshops around your book topic or speak at events related to your topic and expertise.

So in addition to writing and publishing the book, remember it’s just as important to promotion it and set your intentions for how you want the book to bring you opportunities both personally and professionally.

Diane Bridgwater, President of SpeakerPublisher, is inspired to guide solopreneurs, speakers and authors to use their marketing dollars wisely towards the right tools generating quality results and revenue. Working together, she guides her clients to take the strategic steps they need to build a bold brand that stands above the noise and attracts the results they need to grow their business now.  Get in touch at info@speakerpublisher.com and visit www.speakerpublisher.com.