The success stories from the February session of the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series are flowing like music. Here is the latest good news.

stephanashot“Right out of the box, changing a first person bio to third packed a punch. From there, culling testimonials, some of which I’d never had a chance to read – blew ME away.  Client raves I’d collected yet never shared. Nancy said,  ‘Get ‘em out, use them in your bio!'   Over the past couple of weeks she’s done jaw dropping bio  ‘hot seats' on fellow participants. She got a hold of mine and said her famous words, ‘You buried the lead.'  That was one huge mistake I fixed FAST!

Using Nancy’s step by step process, I went from a repulsive (so much worse than a boring bio) to a ‘phone ringing, unsolicited speaking engagement, better than ever bio!'

I’ve got some work to do on this marketing and PR area, but I have never felt this effective all while having real fun. If you’re running on empty or feeling burned out in business, it just might be that boring bio and Nancy may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

My heart has never been in it like this. If you want a ride where you get to control the speed and volume – well bring it on. With Nancy’s Broadcast your Brilliance Webinar Series, you’ll certainly get huge return value for your investment. She’s the best out there – plus she is super cool and really nice.”

Stephana transforms lives from unfulfilled to belting out their soul’s sweet song with fearless abandon. Own your power today at