Six-figures, seven-figures, it’s all the same. Entrepreneurs get hyper-focused on achieving a certain profit number and stop having fun. When the fun stops, the money stops flowing in.
Are you ready to get back into the fun of it?

Each of you has a resource to get to your profit goal easily. This resource is your Inner Business Expert. Yep, you have one. They are always guiding you to the perfect marketing strategies, the ideal clients and the systems to make your business expand.

The question is, “Are you listening?”  When you are wondering, “Gosh why aren’t more people buying my stuff?” that’s the time to check in with your Inner Business Expert.
You’re probably wondering how the heck to do this, right?   You simply push away from your computer and give yourself a ten-minute break with no distractions. Go for a walk, close your eyes or whip out a blank sheet of paper.

The point is, you must create the space to connect with this valuable resource.

Take some nice deep breaths in and out so that you become present in the moment. Imagine that there is a mentor inside of you with access to infinite business intelligence. See yourself making the connection with this mentor.

Don’t worry about seeing the light or angels appearing. It’s probably not going to happen. However, you may feel a bit calmer. Begin to focus on the ideal outcome for your business. Then ask a specific open-ended question.

Here are some questions I might ask if I wanted to get dialed into higher profits:

• What do I need to focus on to reach six-figures faster?
• What beliefs do I need to let go of?
• Who could help me do this easier?
• What’s the best action for me to take right now?

If you’re not stressed out while asking the question, you should get an immediate response. You’ll know that it’s your Inner Business Expert talking when the answer feels like the natural next step and it’s short n’ sweet.

Do yourself a favor; treat the answer like you just paid someone $10,000 to give it to you. Most people will want to look for a more complicated solution and dismiss the very thing that would support their business the most.

Another way to tap into the brilliance of your Inner Business expert is to use it when creating projects, writing marketing copy, following up with prospective clients and having powerful conversations.

Before I begin anything creative or write any copy, I always take a moment to connect into my heart. I say, “Biz Expert, give me the ideas and words that will lead me to my ideal customers who will say YES! Let whatever I create make a positive impact.”

In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now as I type … I’m trusting that the words coming through my keyboard will allow you to make building your business more fun and profitable. I did not think I was going to talk about connecting to your Inner Business Expert when I wrote the title.

When you start making choices based on how they feel rather than randomly implementing new strategies each day, you’ll begin to have more fun. When you’re having fun you’ll have access to better ideas and more synergy with the people you do business with.

When you use your own Inner Guidance to make business choices, you’ll become intentional about your outcome and more focused. You won’t resist the marketing strategies that will serve you most. You’ll be excited to take action because inspiration will ignite the rock star CEO that lives inside of you.

You go into business to create a lifestyle that fires you up. Make it fun or don’t bother. People in business that have fun are highly attractive to their ideal clients.

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. An entrepreneur for 20 years, she has a treasure trove of kick-butt tools to give you peace & profits.  Learn more by visiting this link.