A few months ago, David Cox, general manager of Graebel Quality Movers, got in touch with me to share how a group of typically competitive moving companies joined together in collaboration to do something really wonderful for women and children in need.

The more we spoke about it, the more clear it became that we had a good story to tell in one of the leading trade magazines in the relocation industry.  This week, the tale is integrated within the cover story for Mobility Magazine.   Click on the active link to read all about it.

Now, all the participating organizations can share this article with their clients, referral sources, and employees to demonstrate that even in tough times, magic can manifest when people pull together to make a powerful difference.  That is a welcome message, especially given the daunting economic times we all face.

DIY Publicity Tip: What are the trade journals that the influential people in your industry read?  Is there an avenue within them to share tips, stories, expertise, or information to help others in the industry navigate the marketplace to achieve winning outcomes?  Visit the “press kit” section of the websites for the trade industry publications that have influence for your business.  Read about the writer's guidelines and study the editorial calendar to identify suitable opportunities to contribute.   And, of course, read the publication so you know enough about it to make a winning pitch to the editor.   In the case of Mobility magazine, I have read the magazine for a number of years, know the editor, and have familiarity with the magazine format.   When I called him by phone to suggest a story, I suggested a column for “The Last Page” column in the magazine.   It was delightful serindipity that the story became part of the cover feature.   Ask for what you want, deliver what you promise, and good things happen.  Try this for yourself, and let me know how well it works for you.  I'll gladly blog about your success.