New Wash Spot for DogsSo often, I write about how you can pitch your story to the local media and earn the ink to grow your business. Today, I am writing to share how something I read in the Bellevue Reporter compelled me to act, buy, and support a new local business in town. There is a new dog wash in town, located conveniently at Marymoor Park in Redmond. This park offers a popular off-leash dog park for canine companions of every variety. Just like a car wash, you guide your pet into the Wash Spot stalls, pay conveniently by credit card, and then bring on the bubbles and the blow dry — all for just $8.75 for the express wash.

After playing in the water and rolling in the mud, my golden retriever Shadow was a perfect candidate for this experience.New Wash Spot for Dogs I put on the apron provided, rolled up my sleeves, and washed my dog. Everyone left happy and clean. I’ve read that more people in Seattle own pets than have kids. If that is the case, business at the Wash Spot should soon be booming with your local support. If you live in the Seattle/Bellevue area, make plans now to romp around with your dog at Marymoor Park soon. Splash in plenty of mud puddles. And don’t leave without first washing your dog.  And, if you have a local business story that your community would find of interest, why not make today the day to make your pitch?  If you want to connect with the Bellevue Reporter, Craig Groshart is the editor, and his email address is