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“How would life be different and better if we stopped wasting time wishing for something else and used that energy to appreciate and celebrate who we are and where we are today? It’s not too late and it can change everything.”

Susan Berland is fiercely committed to guiding young people and their parents back to a loving, accepting relationship when the parents are struggling to accept their child as gay, bisexual or transgender. Susan guides parents and their kids to communicate effectively, trust one another and accept one another where and as they are. In as few as six private sessions, LGBT kids and/or their parents make great progress to build a bridge back to love and acceptance to last for a lifetime.

As the proud mother of a gay son and champion for people who are different, it’s Susan's privilege and pleasure to be the safe harbor for family members who want acceptance without judgment and to find a path to a loving, understanding, accepting family environment with her coaching and support. 

  • If you are looking for a proven professional who can provide your child with a safe place to go with their questions and concerns and receive the support you’re currently unable to give …
  • Or you are a parent who needs a safe place to express concerns and ask  questions without fear of judgment, you’ve come to the right place.

With seven years of experience working with clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to build a bridge back to love and acceptance, Susan’s mission and commitment is to provide the support and tools to bring your family back together. What lights Susan up about this work is knowing that she is providing a safe, loving place, non-judgmental way to support LGBT kids and their parents in the most important journey of their lives.

“Nothing breaks my heart more than when I hear parents reject their LGBT kids. They loved them yesterday when they didn’t know. I wish I could reach out to each and every one and let them know they are loved and special, just the way they are. They all deserve the love of their parents, if not their biological parents, than a surrogate parent.”

Susan knows what it’s like to be told your child is gay and what is means to adjust expectations and deal with a roller coaster ride of emotions. And as a mom who loves her son for who he is, she can provide that love and support until the parents themselves can find the path to do the same.

Susan's Advocacy Speaks Volumes about Her Conviction to Inspire and Ignite Real Change:

• She worked tirelessly on the No on 8 Campaign in California and is a fierce advocate for marriage equality.

• She co-founded a non-profit, The All Family Project, whose mission is to educate the public about the issues faced by gay and lesbian families. Susan donates a portion of proceeds to that and other LGBT organizations.

• Susan was one of the original 70 volunteers involved with the International Coach Federation as it began its quest to raise the profile of professional coaching. ICF now has over 20,000 members around the globe.

• She is a member of the Golden Gate Business Alliance, the LGBT Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco.

Championing the Underdog

Susan's path to become a coach who fights for the underdog became clear at an early age. In the first grade, she befriended a deaf girl when all the other kids made fun of her. When her son came out as gay, she was called to work in the LGBT community to provide extra love and support. As a Jewish mom, Susan's heart has always gone out to those who have been rejected by their families. Hers is big enough to provide the love and support others may be denied at a time in their lives when they need love the most.

Your Invitation to ACCEPT Support Now:

If moving more boldly in the direction of acceptance as soon as possible is high on your priority list, schedule a complimentary chat with Susan today.  Connect in the way that suits you best:

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