Oh how sweet it is. When you are the CEO and owner of Seattle Chocolate Company, getting seen, heard, and celebrated in your hometown newspaper — The Seattle Times — for your winning ways in anticipation of Valentine's Day is a pretty sweet deal.

Check out this story that ran in the Seattle Times blog on January 28 and will also appear in this Sunday's paper.

A few weeks ago, I called Michelle Goodman, who writes the “how did I get that cool job” feature.  I said something like this:

Wouldn't it be delightful to highlight a local CEO who owns one of Seattle's finest chocolate companies to learn the road she traveled to earn the top spot at the company, just in time for Valentine's Day?

In one quick sentence, I covered the ‘timely, newsworthy, relevant' recipe to invite her interest.  Michelle was thrilled to have the opportunity to tell this story, and I suspect the readers will be captivated to read it.

I invite you to read the story and let me know what YOU think about it.  And, as you make plans to celebrate everyone you love this Valentine's Day, consider putting Seattle Chocolates at the top of your gift list!