Solutions to Blogger Butt – Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Did you know that the Urban Dictionary actually includes a definition for a new affliction of the digital age? It's called "Blogger Butt."   The definition is --  Weight gain in the gluteal region which is directly related to spending large amounts of time blogging. I found out about this by reading Publicity Hound Joan Stewart's [...]

Do You Know How to Use Keywords in Your Press Releases, Web Content, and More?

Since Publicity Hound Joan Stewart first introduced me to Social Media Expert Nancy Marmolejo in a content-rich teleseminar, I am alerting you to Joan's 10-21-09 teleseminar that covers everything you need to know to use keywords in your press releases, web content, and more. Click here for details or to register.  You'll, of course, gain [...]