My clients have great stories to tell, and the local media here in the Puget Sound region have been receptive to telling them. But over the last several weeks, I’ve heard some feedback that gives me pause. Two reporters told me that they thought my story pitches were very interesting, but they wouldn’t be able to write about them because my clients were prior featured in other local media. They wanted to write about businesses who have not had such exposure.

Now, on the one hand, you could say that the publicist is doing her job. On the other hand, what does a publicist do when a client is over exposed in the local market?

Publicity Hound Joan Stewart has posed a very provocative question to ponder. She asked via her Squidoo lens this question. If you had to devote time and money to either online publicity or offline publicity exclusively, which would you choose? And why? Visit this site to read the commentary and weigh in with your own perspective.

These are changing times in the media, and that means finding new ways to share your message so the right people will listen.