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“Kick Your Boring Bio to the Curb to Attract Money, Clients, and Media Attention Now”

with Dan Janal and Nancy Juetten

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XXX people registered for the call, and over half attended the LIVE call!

Audience members have been saying great things:

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“Pam Perry the fabulous PR coach always presents outstanding individuals to provide service and information that can take you tot he next level. I missed the beginning of the teleseminar of the bio makeover Nancy, but what I did hear was exciting,motivating and informative. I liked your passion, energy and your out of the box thinking.”
– Linda Fegins
‘I cosign that Linda. Nancy Juetten and Pam Perry are both essential image contacts to maintain. I love Pam’s humbleness to share her knowledge and sources and I adored Nancy’s Four S’s for bio success and Sure-fire Bio for new business acronym ABC..DIY – Thanks Nancy… I look forward to sharing my success using your strategies.”
– Turqueya Vincent
‘Excellent interview with great ideas!”
– Bernice Dickey
“Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge today! You are so gracious and clearly worthy of all your success. I am definitely going to purchase your products to increase my visibility. Your generosity today empowers me to fulfill my passion: help millions of women stay motivated, prosper, and succeed. Again, I say thank you.”
– Angela Tezeno

SPECIAL GIFT FROM NANCY and Dan: We’d like to let you know now about the special gift we announced on the call – since it’s only good through Thursday, September 30, 2010 .

We’re gifting you two Authentic VisibilityPublicity eTips Booklets that are packed with 147 Powerful Ways to Boost Business and Profit from Free Publicity as a bonus to reward those who step up to purchase their copy of the Second Edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.

    You know it is time to PREPARE your story so the right people will listen. These tips booklets will guide you to SHARE your story so you really can get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for your expert status. Why wait a moment longer when such powerful rewards await?
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    It’s Your Story. Tell It Well.

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    Nancy Juetten
    Dan Janal
    Dan Janal