ExpertPreneurCover Aspiring experts want to GET KNOWN  so they can GET PAID.

Here is one really great tip that can pay off for you again and again.

GET READY FIRST if you want to be able to take advantage of opportunities — even when you least expect them.

The “cover girl” situation on the debut issue of ExpertPreneur Magazine just happened for that reason alone. Yes.  That is me on the cover — Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten.

Apparently, someone with a really big name had already said YES to being on the cover of the debut issue. For some reason, his team was dragging its feet to deliver the requested photo, article, and other requested information.

The publisher had a timetable to meet and was starting to get nervous. By some stroke of serendipity, she noticed me and my expertise on Facebook and reached out. She invited me to be in the magazine, and before the phone hit the cradle, she had my photo, my article, and an opt in page where her readers to access something of real value as a gift. Voila!

There may be lots of big names out there with GREEN ROOM attitudes who dilly dally delivering what is needed in perfect timing. That's where the “Seabiscuit-like” experts who are ready to rock can step right in and run for the roses.

So, my best advice is to GET READY for opportunity before it knocks. That means having your materials together — a professional quality head shot, a relevant and timely perspective to share, and access to a compelling free gift that can serve the readers. I want you to have your “sassy sound bites” in your hip pocket.  And I want you to be able to  deliver them on demand and without rehearsal. Be a pleasure to deal with in every way and one good media opportunity will absolutely turn into more. It's relationships you create that can pay off and lead to even cooler and more prestigious placements and invite more of the right people to be excited to do business with YOU. So, get ready now.

If you would like to explore if your expertise is a fit for ExpertPreneur Magazine, here is a link to learn more.  And, as always, it is BEST to read the magazine before you make your pitch so you can demonstrate that you understand what the publication is all about and showcase a specific way your expertise adds real value. I have found that SUBSCRIBING to the publications I most want to be seen, heard, and showcased within always pays off.  You can subscribe to ExpertPreneur Magazine, so consider that another tip for inspired action.  I believe the DEBUT issue is free so there is no risk.

If getting ready is high on your priority list, I invite you to work with me one-on-one.  Here is a link to the GET READY to Get Known and Paid Blast-Off Package.  With me as your word wizard and guide, together we'll get the job done with pizzazz.  You'll be in super READY position to rock your 2014 and make the most of your expert status with results you can see, hear, and celebrate as you attract clients who can bring in the welcome compensation.  No more “11th hour scramble” for you.  You'll be ready to take your place in the spotlight to make your impact. Based on my own experience and results, that is a powerful place to be when opportunity knocks.