On Tuesday, I am among four speakers who will be talking about social media in some shape or form at the Constant Contact Business Conference at the Columbia Winery.  The event is “sold out” with 150 or more people on the wait list, so this topic is resonating with a great many people.  And, while we are all interested in learning to use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to our best advantage, let’s not forget that the best social media of all is person to person.

Let’s me share a rather compelling story.  About a year ago, I had the good fortune to welcome almost 800 new ezine subscribers within a three week period of time.  It happened during the 2010 Done for You Giveaway of the Century.  Not quite sure how to upload all of those names into my system, I called the good folks at  Constant Contact for help.   The service technician told me it was rather unusual to have that many new subscribers opt in within such a short period of time.

Not missing a beat, I asked if the marketing department at Constant Contact would be interested in the back story.  She said, “Yes.”   A few weeks later, I received a telephone call for an interview, which resulted in a story about this success shared with over 300,000 readers of the Constant Contact ezine and the active community at the Constant Contact Fan Page on Facebook.   Not long after that, I was invited to speak before a group of Seattle business people who were to attend a Constant Contact workshop at the Museum of Flight.   And, not long after that, the PR person for Constant Contact and I connected, and we started collaborating on story pitches to showcase the value of an ezine for building relationships with clients and prospects.  One good thing has led to another, and it all started with good connections made person to person out of a spirit of making a contribution, being of service, and telling a good story.

No matter how proficient we all become with Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, or any other type of social media, the really good stuff happens person to person.  I hope to meet up with many of you person to person on Tuesday at the Columbia Winery.

And, oh by the way, the 2011 Done for You Giveaway of the Century got off to a fabulous start today.    I am giving away five custom bio box copy blocks to help five lucky winners set their article submissions apart to attract interest in their products and services, and a number of high integrity service providers are giving away their done for you services, as well.   Click on the Done for You banner at the top of this page so you can enter to win the $750,000 in done for you services to help you kick your business to the next level of fabulous.

Already I’ve welcomed 242 new ezine opt-in subscribers just TODAY, and I know that total is going to rise as the event gets into full swing.    As the list grows, so grows my influence and the opportunity to connect with even more people to make a contribution,  be of service, and help shape some powerful stories.  One good thing leads to another, and it’s all good.