BioDocisInWhat fun it was to open my private phone line yesterday to callers from around the world who wanted my take on how to make their bios better, live and in the moment.   Yesterday was the FIRST TIME I offered office hours for “The Bio Doctor,” and folks are already asking when I can do it again.
After speaking one-on-one with 15 people in various stages of business  start up and reinvention, I can summarize the key bio blunders to avoid for the callers who had the courage to dial in as follows:
Don’t bury the lead. That is the diagnosis from the first call. Lead with the WOW, and you’ll have them at hello.

Make sure there is an “about me” page on your website. The last caller wanted me to review his bio, and when I visited his site, there was no tab. Sometimes, the missing piece is hiding in plain sight. That is the lesson here.

When you have 160 characters on Twitter to say what you do, don’t stop short of saying what happens NEXT for folks when they belly up to the bar with you as their guide. So many people forget that. Don’t say you help people live with chronic pain. Say your proven approach guides people to live BETTER with pain in weeks, not months. Speak to the outcome you deliver in words that will compel your perfect client so want to invest wisely to enjoy the benefit or the relief.

Sometimes people chase shiny bright objects. When you do lots of things, clients can’t decide. That’s why thinking about the BOLD, BIG projects that are perfect and aligning your activities toward welcoming more of those is a good way to proceed. That is the lesson from this call just wrapping up now.

This caller was trying to make one bio fit all situations. What she really wants is to attract clients. And the typeface on her masthead with the WOW packed within has such fancy type that it is hard to read. Make the message more clear — and easy to read — even for people who are over 40 and need reading glasses.

Bio Feedback for Me:

Here is some of the Facebook love that was posted immediately after some of the calls:

Annette Naif Great speaking with you too Nancy! You are so brilliant with this stuff. My “aha” is that I need some work on my BIO!!! 🙂 By switching some things around and putting in a call of action it will make a big difference in getting the RIGHT clients!
Sylviaette Hill Nancy Juetten is GREAT! Today I took advantage of her generous offer to help with my bio. She was warm and fun and gave me great tips and tools to use as a beginner! Thanks Nancy!
Jeanne Burbage Nancy Juetten is fabulous. In just a few minutes she provided me with important advice on how to optimize our website and composed a dramatic Twitter profile. I appreciated that she also e-mailed me a copy of. manual of How to use Twitter. I will.implementing all her suggestions ASAP. Will be setting up a Twitter account when I have read the manual. Thanks Nancy for your gift of time and advice.
Special Thanks
Special thanks to Bill Baren, Eva Gregory, Brandy Mychals, and Vinca Heart for sharing the news about this first session for “The Bio Doctor” with their tribes.  
If you are reading this post and would like me to schedule additional office hours for November, please let me know and tell me if the best window is noon – 2 p.m. PST or later in the day to serve those who are still working “real jobs.” 
And, if you know your bio is less that stellar and are serious about remedying that and learning how to SHARE your story so more of the right people pay attention, come on along for the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series.  Enrollment closes on Sunday, October 7 at midnight.   If you among the next ten people to sign up, you’ll enjoy a private 30 minute messaging magic session with me.  Based on the feedback from callers yesterday, a lot of magic is packed within these sessions.  Don’t you want some of that for yourself?