The newspaper business continues to deliver tough news.  Yesterday, I learned that the latest issue of Eastside Business is also its last issue.  You can read more about this from Publisher Joe Kennedy by reading this link. The paper will refocus to serve as the Bellevue Business Journal and, and Joe has some plans to support businesses without traditional advertising budgets with something he calls the a Special Stimulus Package for Business.  Joe invites you to inquire at

If you run a small business in Bellevue, keep watch as things unfold at Bellevue Business Journal.  Newspapers and media outlets that niche to serve very specific communities will always be interested in hearing the news and perspectives of those who live and work there.   That opens a door of opportunity to earn free publicity in your own backyard.

Last March, 2008, Fortune Small Business magazine named Bellevue one of the best cities in which to operate a small business.  Having a backyard business journal in which to share some of the news that unfolds from the quality businesses making a contribution is a good thing for do-it-yourself publicists and work-in-the-trenches publicists alike.