Margit CraneThanks to a great idea from Publici-Tea™ guest Margit Crane of Rock the World Coaching, I created a press kit writing workshop that I took out for a couple of winning spins. Based on the great feedback I received from those bold enough to try a brand new program, I have officially launched the press kit writing workshop. The next event is Friday, May 30 at my lovely Bellevue, WA home. You can read all about it — including the fabulous testimonials — and register at this link. There is room for just five business owners to allow for plenty of personal attention, so jump into action now if getting your bio created at long last is something you would like to take off of your to-do list.

And, speaking of Margit Crane, she just earned some good ink in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. I asked Margit how this coverage came about. She said she wrote a comment on Paul Nyhan’s Working Dad blog. It just so happened that one of Margit’s friends is the reporter’s neighbor, so she mentioned to him that Margit would be a good source of commentary on comments related to dealing effectively with teens. The next thing she knew, Margit and Paul were having a conversation that resulted in Margit being quoted in the paper for her expertise. One comment on a reporter’s blog can deliver great dividends. Why not give it a try to see how your expertise can lend perspective to a reporter blog in your community? You have little to lose and much to gain. And if you need to get your bio in order before you start contacting reporters, check out the press kit writing workshop. The last two events sold out within hours, to act now and register.