In your business and in your personal life I am guessing that there are some less than idyllic relationships. Like it or not, society is built on relationships, and if they are good relationships they can be some of the most cherished parts of our lives. 

I recently had the chance to interview Nancy Matthews, a best-selling author, international speaker, and high-performance coach. We discussed her “The One” philosophy. This is where every person you meet is treated as “the one” and the impact it can have on relationships, business, and personal growth is astounding.

What you’ll learn:

  •  What ‘The One’ Philosophy is and how to embrace it
  • Why seeing others as “the one” can transform relationships, enhance leadership skills, and improve communication 
  • Coping strategies that can help you through challenging moments 
  • How building supportive communities will create a positive environment for growth
  • The impact of holding and sharing your vision with others has on your outcomes

Key Moments

  • 00:21  What is “The One” Philosophy with Nancy Matthews
  • 04:12  Our Basic Human Needs
  • 10:40  Empowering Communication and Collaboration with Chat GPT:
  • 14:37  What to do in “Clutch” Moments to keep “The One” Philosophy
  • 17:42  Empowering Women and Creating Community: The Story of Women's Prosperity Network
  • 23:15  Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships

What is “The One” Philosophy?

Nancy Matthews is the founder of Women's Prosperity Network and People Skills Academy. She shares her vision of using music, particularly her love for Bruce Springsteen, to spread the ‘Everyone's the one' philosophy. The philosophy encourages treating every person we meet as ‘the one', leading to positive interactions and connections. Nancy discusses how this mindset can transform relationships and bring magic into our lives.

Our Basic Human Needs

Nancy discusses the importance of being seen, heard, celebrated, and compensated as a basic human need. It highlights the impact of treating others as ‘The One' in personal and professional interactions. She shares stories of transformation through embracing this philosophy in relationships, corporate environments, leadership roles, and sales conversations. The People Skills Academy was created to help move beyond perceptions and judgments that hinder true human interaction.

Communication and Collaboration with Chat GPT

Nancy Juetten tells how she used chat GPT to create compelling bios for a nonprofit organization, emphasizing the power of communication and collaboration. By treating chat GPT as a collaborator, Nancy highlights the importance of human interaction even in digital interactions. The philosophy aims to heal the world by fostering understanding and communication, emphasizing the concept of seeing everyone as valuable. Additionally, the conversation touches on coping strategies for challenging moments by remembering the core philosophy.

What to do in “Clutch” Moments to keep “The One” Philosophy

Nancy Matthews discusses the importance of having coping strategies for managing emotions in clutch moments. They introduce the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer called Ho'oponopono as a tool for recognizing and shifting negative emotions towards love, understanding, and compassion.She emphasizes taking 100% responsibility for one's life, even in tough times, to regain a sense of control and move forward. Nancy encourages listeners to apply these principles to find hope and growth. 

Empowering Women and Creating Community: The Story of Women's Prosperity Network

Nancy talked about her new newsletter called ‘be the One' aimed at incorporating the philosophy of “being the one” into daily life. She shares her goal of speaking about “The One” philosophy in corporations and organizations. She also talks about Women's Prosperity Network, a platform for women entrepreneurs to collaborate, get support, and have a bigger impact. The network, founded in 2008, focuses on empowering women and creating a sense of community. Nancy emphasizes the importance of women getting paid what they're worth and increasing female representation in decision-making roles. Additionally, she highlights the positive impact of the network in fostering relationships and healing familial bonds through “The One” philosophy.

Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships 

The conversation highlights the importance of healing mother-daughter relationships, defying the odds, and fostering the philosophy of family to drive prosperity. Nancy Matthews expresses gratitude for her mother's influence, emphasizes the value of self-growth, and encourages holding onto one's vision. 

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