Have you ever gotten into the well practiced habit of reading your affirmations about what you most want to have happen every day in your life?   I am working hard at that, so I am going to be bold and share mine with you.  These are the statements I have posted where I can see them every day so I can navigate the ups and downs that are part of living life and doing business:

  • I have a positive expectation that good results are in motion for my family, my friends, my clients, and my work.
  • I bend and sway with ups and downs, knowing that my efforts are well intended, backed by intelligent and thoughtful action, and will find the right audience to deliver winning results for all.
  • I keep my focus and step away from energy bandits, naysayers, and other negative forces with speed and grace.
  • I am grateful for abundant advocates who sing my praises and far outnumber the few who don’t.
  • I breathe rare air, surround myself with winners, and believe that I belong among them.
  • I have hobbies that light me up.

When I have to take my son to the urgent care center to have six stitches sewn into a deep laceration in his foot — as I did last week — or something else unexpected happens, these statements keep me centered.

Of course, I have additional affirmations that are very specific to the results I intend to flow from my DIY publicity training and tools work, too.  For example, I believe that 100 or more people will happily register and benefit from each of three upcoming DIY publicity and social networking Publici-Tea™ Express Workshops coming to Seattle Design Center on 9-16, 10-16, and 11-06.

To support that goal, I’ve posted a press release to PRWeb, issued meeting notices via www.fullcalendar.com, posted event information to BizNik.com, posted an article with event dates to the Entrepreneur & Self-Employed Business Journal, sent calendar notices to the Seattle Times and Seattle Business Monthly, and posted the event to Yelp.com.  Registrations are coming in. And, I have even more plans in mind to keep the good word spreading to perfect potential event guests.

DIY Publicity Tip for the Day:

Intentions powered by affirmations and deliberate actions deliver worthy results  in life and work. What are the affirmations you repeat to yourself every day to keep you on track with your life and  business?   Please share them here so you can inspire someone to follow your lead. For more on affirmations and products that help you celebrate the big ideas that matter most to you, visit Affirmagy.  I have Affirmawraps on every chair and couch throughout my home, and it is a beautiful, inspiring thing.   Surround yourself with positive messages backed by action, and you’ll welcome more of the success you seek.