Adam Hommey invited me to be a guest on his Brilliance + Passion Podcast last week. This invitation came my way as a result of having contributed to his Facebook group, engaged in his daily posts, and then reaching out to explore a way to joint venture in business.

What went unsaid during my podcast interview with Adam Hommey -- The rest of the story is right here

It was a treat to chat, and the audio file is right here if you prefer to listen than read.

One interesting thing about the interview is he asked me two questions about questions folks ask or don’t ask me.

The format of the 15 minute podcast did not allow time to answer these questions.

That’s why this blog post offers what I am calling the rest of the story.

What are the 3 most common questions people in general have when asking me what I do?

  1. What’s your back story?  I came into the world with a megaphone in one hand and a pen in the other. My dad was an actor in Hollywood.  I learned more about standing behind powerful people to make them look big in the media by growing up in the shadow of his big personality than even my degree in marketing and decades of in-the-trenches work with big names and stars on the rise could ever teach me. Championing other people has been a lifelong effort, having owned a boutique publicity agency for years and advocating for the good work of my best colleagues and referral partners over the last decade. It’s very rewarding to see top performers and stars on the rise achieve the visibility they need to succeed more readily in business.
  2. Why should I work with you instead of hire a done for you booking agency?  It’s my stand that you can learn these skills, apply them consistently, and never be hungry for an audience ever again.  Fiscal responsibility is a core value of mine. My belief is that you should learn and apply what I teach to become a brilliant podcast guest and also prove to yourself that you enjoy being a guest and can create results from the effort BEFORE investing big bucks in a done for you solution. Otherwise, the pressure to get return on investment or return on time and effort can be very high.
  3. How is it going so far?  I’m very proud of the successes my clients welcome, the confidence and conviction through which they share their messages, and the success I get to welcome in my own business as a result of training people in this way. I run a lean, profitable boutique business in service to top performers who value the care and attention I pay to support and amplify their success. I’ve earned a stellar reputation over decades for doing the right thing in a classy way and going the extra mile for clients every day. That makes me proud.

What are the 3 most common questions you WISH prospective clients and customers would ask when considering working with you?

My answers:

  1.  What makes you special, distinct and preferred, given other choices I have?  Clients say again and again that it is my generosity, my genuine commitment to their success, and my pattern of going the extra mile to make sure every client is seen, heard, and helped in a world-class way that makes me their preferred choice.
  2. Why do you do this work?  It’s supremely rewarding to support others in their quest to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for their winning ways. This work also addresses a deep wound rom my own upbringing.  The truth is that I never felt seen, heard or celebrated in my own family. Seeing others shine turns what was a painful period in my upbringing to be a blessing for others.
  3. Why podcast guesting as compared to other marketing strategies?  Any marketing strategy or tactic that you apply consistently will bring rewards. I love podcast guesting because the art of conversation comes easily, creating relationships with influential people is fun and illuminating in so many ways, and I find that epic right fit clients who hear me speak up on podcasts often decide to do business with me. For me, a steady diet of one podcast guest spot a week in front of the right audiences fans the flames of my visibility, authority. and credibility while also contributing to my profitability in the business. Consistency is key.

What is one action you want our listeners to take as they finish listening to us today?

  1. Decide to book yourself on the right podcasts for your message. Aim for one a week. Engage an assistant to do the part of the process that you won’t do and that he/she can delight in doing for you.
  2. Download this position description so you can recruit a brilliant assistant with the right skills and personal qualities to represent you well.
  3. Join me for the podcast guesting masterclass coming up on May 31, 2023 at 10 a.m. Pacific to learn even more.

So there you have it.  The rest of the story.

Thanks for tuning in.