The Today Show delivered a 27-year-old, Bothell, Washington-based financial planning service seeker to Steve Juetten’s fee-only financial planning practice a day following the national broadcast about last minute holiday gifts that make great financial sense.

This brings up a timely question to ponder.  How many leads do you need to consider your attempts at free publicity a success?  If one lead turns into a perfect engagement, chances are that many similarly perfect engagements will follow.  After all, perfect customers are likely to enjoy a fabulous experience with the right service providers and be compelled to talk about their experiences among friends, co-workers, and co-collaborators.

And, when you consider that the only thing at stake to earn the free publicity in the first place was less than two hours to write a press release, post it to, and blog about it here, I’d say that Steve Juetten was a winner from the start.  (By the way, you can post your press releases for free at  Visit the site to learn more and see how easy it is.)

Steve is clear about the value he offers so he can attract more of the right clients to engage his fee-only financial planning services.  Those are exactly the right clients he wants to show up so he can make the difference he can make through his services.

I like to say that a perfect engagement can lead to happily ever after for those business owners who are clear about the kind of partnerships they seek.   Steve has that clarity.  His new 27-year-old prospect wants what Steve has to offer.   It’s a beautiful thing, thanks to the power of free publicity.   I can’t wait to hear that additional clients have found their way to Juetten Personal Financial Planning LLC, thanks to The Today Show and other means that bring the right clients to his door.